Pipe Clamps - Exhaust Pipe Clamp

“U” slot to accommodate diameter differences
    Dimple on the inner sleeve to engage with the outer band
      Patented gasket

        Joining exhaust system components

        The NORMACONNECT® Euro Coupler is an effective way to join exhaust system components without the need for pipe flares/slip joints or slotting. This clamp offers superior clamp load capability and a serviceable joint. Allows for quick assembly and service of exhaust pipes. It provides significant resistance to longitudinal and rotational movement of pipes.

        • No need for pipe sizing or slotting
        • Patented gasket with proven sealing ability to reduce leak rates
        • Preassembled unit – easy, reliable installation
        • Superior clamp load capability

        • Effective way to join pipe to pipe connections of same diameter in an exhaust system.