One-Piece Clamps - Spring Band Hose Clips

Lot number stamped on
  • reliable traceability
NORMA® logo
  • a visible sign of quality
Base and Topcoat Coating System
  • Double layered chromium VI-free coating provides optimum corrosion and chemical protection
Nominal diameter stamped on
  • prevents mistakes
Special design
  • even distribution of clamping force and excellent roundness
Rounded band edges
  • optimum hose protection

Springband hose clamps in acc. with DIN 3021

NORMACLAMP® FBS springband hose clamps are the perfect choice for hose spigot systems that are exposed to significant temperature fluctuations. Once installed, their dynamic spring properties ensure an automatic re-tensioning effect over long periods of time. Even at low temperatures,

this mechanism still enables sufficiently high levels of radial clamping force to be achieved, which in turn ensures excellent sealing reliability. With NORMACLAMP® FBS clamps even hoses that have a tendency to “creep” can be joined securely. Manual or pneumatic tools are used for professional installation.


• One-piece, bolt-free hose clamp
• Even distribution of clamping force
• Optimum roundness
• Temperature resistance from –40 °C to 200 °C
• Automatically re-tensions to accommodate temperature fluctuations
• Clear traceability due to batch numbering


• Machine building
• White goods
• Agricultural machines
• Engine manufacturing
• Cooling and heating water circuits
• Fuel vent system
• Air ducts
• Water and brine outlet lines

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