Fixing Clips and Straps – Metal

Form-fit, adjustable band
    Reinforced band ends
    • strengthen the band; prevent retaining sections from tearing or becoming loose during exposure to extremely high mechanical loads
    Can be supplied with rubber profile as an option
    • improved form closure between clip and clamping fixture
    • damping

    Pipe retaining clips in accordance with DIN 3016

    NORMAFIX® RS/RSGU pipe retaining clips are suitable for all kinds of fastening and retaining applications: pipes, cables, cable harnesses, cable protection pipes, hoses and other lines.


    • Easy installation and secure fastening
    • Reinforced band ends for extremely high mechanical loads
    • Rubber profile protects against vibrations and creeping water, is sound-absorbent and protects against contact corrosion


    • Machine building
    • White goods
    • Chemical industry
    • Irrigation systems
    • Ship manufacturing
    • Food and beverage industry
    • Railway industry
    • Agricultural machines
    • Building machines
    • Engine manufacturing
    • Pump and filter
    • Mining industry

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