Pipe Clamps - Exhaust Pipe Clamp

Torx screw with integrated washer
  • makes installation and removal easier
Band adapted to fit ball-shaped flange connections
  • system works in perfect harmony
Free from chromium(VI); easy-slide coating
  • improved clamping force
Solid trunnion, chromium(VI)-free coating
  • high temperature resistance, maintains high clamping force levels

Ball zone exhaust gas clamps

NORMACONNECT® SEC ball zone exhaust gas clamps are the ideal solution when it comes to making connections in central and rear exhaust gas areas. When used in conjunction with flange joints, it is possible to swivel silencers during installation.


• Angle compensation in exhaust gas system
• Silencers can be swiveled during installation
• Installation and removal conditions easier to work with thanks to increased flexibility of overall system
• Higher torsion moments than conventional ball-shaped flange connections
• Low leakage rate
• Low weight


• For low leak joints in rear and centre sections of car and truck exhaust systems with operating clamp surface temperatures of up to 700 °C.

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