Worm Drive Hose Clamps - Plain Band

Improved asymmetric housing
  • even distribution of forces and safe assembly
Screw support
  • ease of assembly due to the safe guidance of the emerging band end
Material and clamping range stamped on the band
  • prevention of errors
Asymmetric extension
  • prevents the housing from tilting over when the clamp is tightened
Short housing saddle
  • even contact pressure
Smooth or stamped inside of band
  • optimal hose protection

Worm Drive Hose Clamps in accordance with DIN 3017

NORMACLAMP® TORRO® multi-range hose clamps are ideally suited to applications with high mechanical loads. Thanks to the continuous developments these products have undergone, they remain the benchmark within modern clamp construction. Within the NORMACLAMP® range, only the TORRO® as its trademark asymmetrical construction. The asymmetric housing provides high force, superior torque and even distribution of clamping pressure. Clamp aligns perfectly on the hose and ensures the optimal sealing of the connection.


• Multi-range hose clamp
• No chromium(VI) used for coating purposes
• Clamping ranges in acc. with DIN 3017: 8-12 mm to 140-160 mm
• Larger diameters available on request


• Joining cooling water lines
• Depressurized and pressurized fuel lines and ventilation systems
• Oil lines
• Joining lines in sanitary applications
• Joining lines in machine building applications
• Lines in the household appliance industry
• Hose lines in the commercial vehicle industries

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