Pipe Clamp - Exhaust Pipe Clamp

High-strength fastener hardware with corrosion-resistant coating
    Exclusive reaction block
      Indexed interior band provides a superior joint seal

        Joining exhaust system components

        The Coupler is an effective way to join exhaust system components without the need for pipe flares/slip joints or slotting. This clamp offers superior clamp load capability and a serviceable joint. Allows for quick

        assembly and service of exhaust pipes. It provide significant resistance to longitudinal and rotational movement of pipes.


        • No need for pipe sizing or slotting
        • Provides a serviceable joint. No permanent distortion of exhaust members
        • No loose hardware
        • Allows assembly & service without longitudinal movement of pipe members
        • Overall width 87.95mm
        • Does not require pipe overlap
        • Eliminated the need for sizing and slotting of pipe members


        • Effective alternative for joining high performance exhaust components

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