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CR Roadmap 2018

At NORMA Group, we are committed to regularly reassessing and adapting our CR Strategy, in part because it enables us to respond to internal and external developments. In the year under review, we achieved the objectives of the first CR Roadmap developed in 2012. In 2015, we therefore established a process for laying down a new CR Roadmap for the period through 2018. The first step in that process was taken when members of the CR Steering Group drafted a list of possible new CR objectives with interdepartmental significance. This draft then formed the basis for discussions at the stakeholder roundtable that we convened in 2015 to examine new CR objectives and measures in three key action areas – Business Solutions, Environment, and Employees.

We then subjected the new suggestions produced through the roundtable to an internal assessment and, based on the results, finalised our CR Roadmap 2018. By integrating stakeholder perspectives, we were able to realign, focus, and substantially advance our CR objectives. Our CR Roadmap 2018 will serve as a guideline for the actions and activities of the entire NORMA Group over the next several years. The systematic identification of key objectives and milestones provides NORMA employees and other interested parties with a simple, clear overview of the CR issues and measures being tackled by NORMA Group. GRI [G4-27]

The key objectives of our CR Roadmap 2018 are presented at the beginning of each chapter in this report. The objectives for each action area through 2018 can be found in the “Outlook” section of the respective chapters.

At a glance: our CR Roadmap 2018

Core objective "Responsible Management“ Target value for 2018
NORMA Group is to be perceived as a responsible company in terms of all of its operations. Consistently good to excellent reviews on our activities and measures in surveys and ratings

Our goalMilestoneDateStatus
All employees will know the CR policy and its overarching objectives. 100% awareness of the CR policy in the Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS)By 2018First survey in 2017
We will receive advice on the orientation of our CR strategy and on the main focuses in the individual fields of action from representatives of external stakeholder groups.Once a year a dialogue format with various stakeholder representatives on a CR topicOngoingSecond dialogue in 2016
NORMA Group will position itself as a company that acts in a responsible and sustainable manner.2 articles in specialized CR media and 4 press releases that pertain to CR per yearOngoing2016:
Articles: 24
Press releases: 14
We will report on our performance at the non-financial level in a transparent manner and in accordance with recognized standards.Sustainability Report every 2 years with the data updated year-on-yearOngoingSummary report 2016,
next report 2017
We will ensure effective compliance management systems that meet the ethical and legal requirements of business practices and continuously communicate these to our employees.Employees are to be fully aware of the compliance policies, contact persons on compliance and the whistleblower systemBy 2018First survey in 2017

Core objective “Business Solutions” Target value for 2018
NORMA Group will improve and strengthen its market position, taking sustainable business practices and relationships into account. To be the market leader in all business fields of relevance to NORMA Group by 2018

Our goalMilestoneDateStatus
New control systems and structures on innovation management will increase the number of innovative products and processes on the market.The number of invention applications exceeds 20* per yearOngoing2015: 15
2016: 22
Our customers will recognize the quality of our innovative NORMA products so that competitive advantages will arise and organic and sustainable growth driven by innovation will be possible.Indicator “Norma is perceived as innovative” from the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) to be above 7.8Ongoing2016: 7,7
Proportion of defective parts in production to be below the value of 20 ppmOngoing2016: 32
We want to procure raw materials, products and services at optimal costs – taking sustainability aspects into account ...Launch of an even more sustainability-oriented supplier scoring and of sustainability requirements for the main commodities2016Launch in 2016
... with the aim of value-creating long-term partnerships and world-class business and procurement processes.Share of long-term, value-creating business partnerships with potential for innovation regarding NORMA productsBy 2018Initial survey in 2016
Supplier scoring with at least five suppliers to be carried out continuously for 3 years By 2018Initial survey in 2016

*Up until 2016, this figure was measured based on the number of new patent applications. As part of the conversion of the patent strategy, a change was made to invention disclosures per year starting in 2017.

Core objective “Environment” Target value for 2018
NORMA Group will continuously and systematically reduce the environmental impact of its production processes. 100% of NORMA Group’s global production sites are to be certified according to ISO 14001 by no later than 2018 and then continuously.

Our goalMilestoneDateStatus
We will continuously reduce the CO2 footprint of our production worldwide.9% lower CO2 emissions in relation to production costs compared to 2015By 20182016: 6,21%
We will lower our consumption of water as a resource in production. 6% lower water consumption in relation to production costs compared to 2015By 20182016: 15,38%

Core objective “Employees” Target value for 2018
NORMA Group will be viewed as an employer of choice for its employees and will continue to attract, retain and inspire the most talented people to live and to share the company’s values and vision. The employee turnover rate in the first 9 months is to reach 0% by 2018.

Our goalMilestoneDateStatus
As a responsible company, we will invest in a safe and efficient working environment and working conditions that protect the health of our employees and maintain their well-being. The targeted accident rate (lost-time accidents) per 1,000 employees is to be 0.Annually2014: 10
2015: 5
2016: 8
All sites are to be certified according to OHSAS 18001By 20182014: 76 %
2015: 90,91 %
2016: 85,19 %
We will successfully position our company as an attractive employer for students.Increase in the number of trainees and working students to 100 per yearBy 20182014: 89
2015: 90
2016: 64
We will promote diversity in the company and create an open working environment in which employees can network and share their thoughts and ideas. All sites to participate in the Diversity Day.Ongoing2016:
27/ 27 locations
Increase in the number of Talent Mobility Points for the sites by 10% compared to 2015By 20182014: 72
2015: 212
2016: 125
As a "learning organization," we will ensure our continuous development.An average of 30 training hours per year per employeeBy 20182016: 29,7
We will support an appropriate balance between private life and work life.All companies to develop appropriate national strategies on "work-life balance."By 20182016: 27

Core objective “Community” Target value for 2018
NORMA Group will position itself as a responsible partner in the community. Consistently good to excellent reviews on the community involvement in stakeholder surveys

Our goalMilestoneDateStatus
We will show that water is a scarce and valuable resource, how important an efficient water supply is and that we can improve poor conditions together with partners.50 schools with about 15,000 pupils and teachers in the state of Maharashtra, India, are to receive a functioning water supply, intact sanitation and training on hygiene issues.By 20172016:
25 schools; 13.750 pupils; 650 teachers
The employees of NORMA Group are to engage voluntarily in charitable causes at their sites.All sites are to participate in the annual Help Day.Ongoing2015:
26 / 27 locations
By making donations and engaging in sponsoring in the areas of environment, sports and social affairs, we will strengthen the local structures at all of our sites.Investments are to be made in the community at NORMA Group’s sites in accordance with CCG.OngoingDonations: 234 TEUR
Sponsoring: 29 TEUR