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The greatest success comes from those who challenge themselves to think differently. At NORMA Group, we keep pushing ourselves to go further, beyond the boundaries of today and into tomorrow. Our use of technology, the imagination of our people, the diversity and inclusion of different talents and minds and our delight in achieving the extraordinary, keep us evolving. As we drive the change that will make for better solutions and customer experiences.

Our ambitions are driven by a keen focus on sustainability, safety, cost-efficiency and performance. That is why we are leading the way within e-mobility and intelligent water management solutions. Of course, we know what we want, and yet, to us it’s all about going beyond our own expectations. Why? Because these extraordinary times we live in demand it. And because we want to open an amazing world of possibilities stemming from engineered joining technology…for generations to come. Welcome to NORMA Group.

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NORMA Clean Water

Water is a precious commodity and the lack of fresh water resources to meet demands today affects every continent. Consequently, vast numbers of people face major challenges in the areas of water supply, sanitation and hygiene. Water is a strategic core business area for NORMA Group. It is also very close to our hearts, as we realize the impact that water scarcity has on children and especially girls.

NORMA Clean Water is our lighthouse social ­commitment project which seeks to show how challenges in the areas of water, sanitation and hygiene can be met through cooperation between business and civil society. Training in the use of clean drinking water and hygiene is at the core of all our various projects.

The initial project was the water supply and hygiene situation in Indian schools in the greater Pune area. Construction measures for the repair and renovation of toilet facilities were implemented together with training in the use of clean drinking water and hygiene. Today, NORMA Clean Water is working in the state of Maranhão in northeastern Brazil. The aim of the project is to improve the living and health conditions of children and their families.

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Industries and the communities they serve are growing exponentially, and as they do, they are ever more critically dependent on innovative, robust infrastructure for support. That’s why there’s NORMA Group. We develop cutting-edge solutions for building and bridge drainage, private ground drainage as well as laboratory and industry sewage. We also provide relevant solutions for joining feed and recovery lines for gases, fluids and solids in plants, ships, filters and devices. In civil engineering, mining, water supply and distribution.

Our pipe coupling products known as NORMACONNECT® FGR securely join thick- and thin-walled plastic and metal pipes, especially stainless-steel pipes. They also connect plain-ended supply as well as exhaust pipes for solid, liquid or gaseous media. We also offer you the NORMACONNECT® DCS range, with its solid track record for providing reliable and economic connection of socket-less drainage pipes within buildings, underground car parks, buried in soil and for drainage systems in bridges.

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We at NORMA Group are driven to add value to OEMs by identifying, developing, and providing the best applications for their businesses. Our leadership in developing the most innovative and secure clamps, connectors and fluid systems stretches over all areas of manufacturing, including aviation, automotive, water management, pharma and biotech, marine and construction.

We have three hundred and fifty of the most highly qualified development and process engineers working to create solutions based on Engineered Joining Technology. Our engineers have a solid reputation for being the most knowledgeable, efficient and professional in the industry. We work to identify technological trends at an early stage and utilize our research centers and labs to develop products and solutions that address specific challenges and requirements.

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