Norma Group

corporate responsibility

Support for Diversity and Equal Opportunity

As an internationally active company, NORMA Group is very diverse. We decidedly reject any form of discrimination. (Human Rights and Prevention of Discrimination) Instead, we regard cultural diversity within NORMA Group as a valuable resource and a potential for the continued growth of our company. Intercultural competency is increasingly important in light of NORMA Group’s growth and internationalisation and is accompanied by internal knowledge transfer.

NORMA Group’s extensive measures are evidence of its commitment to diversity and an open workplace environment in which our employees can network and discuss their ideas. (Employee Development) It was in this context that NORMA Group signed the Diversity Charter (Charta der Vielfalt), drafted a diversity strategy, and named diversity officers in three regions in 2013. GRI [G4-15]

Diversity Day

NORMA Group’s company-wide Diversity Day has been setting an example since 2014. We implemented this day of action in all three regions of the Americas, EMEA, and the Asia-Pacific for the first time on 3 June 2014. That marked the beginning of the new diversity strategy that NORMA Group wants to use to make its employees even more aware of the value of diversity and to support their varied abilities and talents. Since 2014, NORMA Group has celebrated Diversity Day every year. In 2016, our employees around the world again were a beacon of respect and equal opportunity in the workplace during the celebration of Diversity Day.

Our Diversity Mission Statement reads: “NORMA Group embraces diversity of thoughts by respecting the unique characteristics, experiences, and ideas of our employees. We are committed to creating an environment of communication, networking, exchange, and dialog where talent is recognised, developed, and united. We – all together – are the pacesetter in our industry.”

Equal Treatment of Men and Women

Men and woman have equal opportunities at NORMA Group, also when it comes to filling management positions. We actively oppose discrimination. The proportion of women is determined by the ratio of interested females who are on the job market and have the necessary qualifications. It varies accordingly among our sites around the world. The proportion of women in the entire NORMA Group worldwide at the end of 2016 was 35.2 percent and women occupied 21.0 percent of management positions. There is also a woman on NORMA Group SE’s Supervisory Board. Moreover, we take it for granted that women and men are paid equally for the same work and qualifications. GRI [G4-LA12, G4-LA13]

An Overview of Work-Life Balance

For us, diversity also means keeping a wide range of life plans in mind. The desires for workplace conditions are very different internationally. Our employees, with their specific desires for an equitable relationship between their jobs and their private lives, are at the heart of our approach to work-life balance. NORMA Group supports this through a variety of measures, such as mobile work. The specific form is determined in consultations with the supervisors and depending on the requirements of the workplace. GRI [G4-LA2]