Norma Group

corporate responsibility

Protect Employee Interests

Going forward, we want to be an attractive employer. We have set ourselves, among other objectives, the goal of developing and implementing national strategies on work-life balance. We will start with this in 2016. We also plan to introduce the international standard SA8000 at all of NORMA Group’s sites. This is based on conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the United Nations (UN). The goal of SA8000 is to improve the working conditions of workers. Compliance with this standard is certified by the independent non-governmental organisation Social Accountability International (SAI).

Other aims of NORMA Group are to reduce the accident rate per 1,000 employees to zero and to increase the number of interns and students to 100 per year. The sites are also being asked to increase the number of Talent Mobility Points by ten percent compared to 2015 by 2018.