Norma Group

corporate responsibility

Business Activities Based on Corporate Responsibility

Because our business activities directly contribute to a more sustainable society, we regard Corporate Responsibility as part of our core business. There is a direct connection between the products that NORMA Group manufactures and the fight against the negative consequences of global megatrends like resource scarcity and climate change.

NORMA Group sees reconciling the impact of its business activities with society’s needs as an element of Corporate Responsibility. Our CR strategy is the basis for a holistic approach to responsibility and transparency. At the same time, it ensures our position as a global market and technology leader in advanced joining technology over the long term.

CR Policy Sets the Strategic Orientation

We have developed a CR policy for the entire NORMA Group. It specifies five central fields of action and defines our basic conception of responsibility. This policy is the product of a strategic approach for the purpose of establishing a structure for coordinating and purposefully promoting Corporate Responsibility within NORMA Group. GRI [G4-56]

Roadmap and Management Systems Support / CR Strategy Implementation

In order to strategically orient and refine our CR measures, we drafted a CR Roadmap in 2013 that defines concrete goals for every field of activity. Each department is responsible for finding steps toward these CR goals and implementing them in the entire Group.

During that implementation, we use the management systems that are available and expand them as necessary (Environment; Occupational Safety and Health) or build them from scratch. (Employees Outlook) These are supplemented with nationally adapted, decentralised measures. (Diversity and Equal Opportunity) Whether CR issues are controlled and implemented on a decentralised basis or at the level of the entire Group depends on how the respective CR goals can be most effectively reached. Guidelines and management approaches are developed for the relevant CR issues so that they can be implemented in a way that is reliable and internationally standardised. One example of this is the Corporate Citizenship Guideline (CCG). (Participation at the Sites)