Часто Задаваемые Вопросы


We specify the maximum acceptable tightening speed and recommend to set the final assembly tool speed as slow as possible in order to achieve the best clamping force performance of the clamp. -> maximum 350 U/min, recommended final 60-125 U/min.
We make torque recommendations and state limit values. They can be found in the respective datasheets (drawings) and/or on our Website, as well as in catalogues and the relevant standards.
We cannot make any statement about a value, here, as the pressure resistance of the whole system needs to be taken into account, which consists of several components and is influenced by many factors. For instance, spigot geometry and material, hose thickness and material, temperature, hose length, medium etc. play an important role in the system‘s pressure resistance.
Presupposing the adequate application of the clamp, we recommend that it should not be re-used more than 10 times.
SMO 254 is a shortcut for the name of the special stainless steel material. It stands for:  S = Syrafast = Swedish for “Acid proof”, MO = Molybdenum, 254 = The last digits in the telephone number of the guy who invented the material (funny story). According to the Swedish Standard SS2298 the material is named S60, and it corresponds to the DIN 1.4547 material. We combined it to the material name SMO-S60. Inline with our material-code it is comparable to W6.
First of all, the hexagonal screw gives a direct indication to the ABA Original SMO-S60 WDHC for differentiating against all other ABA Original WDHC. Another reason for that bears the material, itself. Due to the high amount of alloy the forming of the material is a challenge, therefore we decided to produce a screw without a slot.
The SMO 254 is a high alloyed stainless steel material, the contents of Nickel, Chromium and Molydenum are much higher than in an AISI 316 (W5) material.
This tie is the lowest profile nylon tie on the market. These zip ties offer superior tensile strength and robust quality that stands up well in a wide range of environments.
The low profile cable tie shows an exceptional functionality, strength and safety. It enhances the visual appeal of a finished product. Is creates no sharp cutoff edges to injure the installer, technician or end user and the flexible head allows our tie to lie even lower because it conforms to the round surface.
Yes, the ABA low profile cable tie is compatible to all assembling tools and pliers in the market.
We offer two different versions that can handle different loads: Medium duty: max. load 23 kg /50 lbs, Heavy duty: max. load 54 kg /120 lbs.