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corporate responsibility

Promotion of Civic Involvement among Our Employees

Civic commitment is of great importance to functioning together in society. NORMA Group has set itself the goal of playing an active role in society. Besides promoting social projects, we encourage our employees to assume social responsibility by volunteering.

NORMA employees worldwide are already involved in this in many ways in their spare time. Their community work ranges from youth work in sports clubs and caring for the elderly in the parish to participating in the volunteer fire department and helping young people from disadvantaged families who are preparing for their first job.

Corporate Volunteering Programme Initiated

Through our corporate volunteering programme, we want to systematically support civic engagement. For this reason, we launched NORMA Help Day at our site in Maintal in 2014. On this voluntary day, our employees have the opportunity to experience volunteering in various social projects and to test their skills in performing new tasks. In this way, we want to strengthen social life at our sites and give something back to the region we operate in as a company.

A total of 35 employees participated in NORMA Help Day already in 2014 and supported three non-profit institutions in the Maintal region. These activities ranged from assisting in building an adventure playground to designing a play area at a day care centre to accompanying seniors in wheelchairs on a trip.

NORMA Help Day 2015 Expanded Internationally

Following the positive responses from the project partners and the employees who participated in NORMA Help Day 2014, this activity was held internationally for the first time in 2015. NORMA employees in 24 countries in which NORMA Group has production sites or distribution centres were invited to participate in charitable projects.

This local commitment is strongly supported by the company headquarters in Maintal. NORMA Group provides a “Tool Box” with all the necessary information, for example, that includes checklists and templates for letters or posters that can be hung up. In addition, NORMA employees were recruited to serve as local coordinators at all of the sites. They took over organisational tasks, coordination with the site managers and were responsible for the contact with the local project partners.

The second international NORMA Help Day in 2016 was a great success. A total of around 800 NORMA employees in 24 countries participated in it.

The projects that were worked on as part of NORMA Help Day 2015 included, among others:

Landscape clean-up (garbage collection) in the Fushan mountains in Loashan district by 24 employees of NORMA China Qingdao

Collection campaign for winter clothing in Atibaia by eight employees of NORMA Brazil

Planting of trees in Istanbul by seven employees of NORMA Turkey

Painting the walls in a retirement home by 16 employees of NORMA Sweden

Positive Response to This International Project

The subsequent evaluation by the participants and project partners of this charitable project last year yielded very positive results:
32 projects worldwide were supported as part of NORMA Help Day 2015. The high level of acceptance among both its participants and project partners confirms NORMA Group in its plans to continue to encourage volunteer commitment from its employees. We will therefore continue to hold international NORMA Help Day in June 2016 and in subsequent years. GRI [G4-SO1]