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Corporate Volunteering

Civil society is crucial for the functioning of society as a whole. Against the backdrop of the current social challenges arising from megatrends such as migration and global disparities, NORMA Group aspires to get involved and play an active role. To this end, we specifically promote social projects at NORMA Group sites. We also encourage our employees to make a contribution, for example, by making current projects known throughout the company. (Awareness of CR in the company )

NORMA Help Day at all production sites

A foundation for the civic involvement of our employees was created with NORMA Help Day, which was first held in 2014 in Maintal with 35 employees. The program has spread internationally since 2015 to all NORMA Group sites, with employees’ participation being voluntary. More than 700 employees at 34 sites participated in Help Day activities in 2018. The drop in the number of participants compared to the previous year (estimate: more than 900 employees) is mainly due to the fact that fewer sites organized events that involved the entire staff (e.g. open house day). More than 30 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) benefited from the commitment of our employees worldwide. Since contributions and projects vary greatly depending on the region, they are organized and implemented in a decentralized manner. Here are a few examples of our commitment:

Last year, employees from the NORMA Group plant in the Czech Republic helped to repaint the equipment on a children’s playground. In Switzerland, employees took the Help Day as an opportunity to “change sides”: they supported the work of a workshop for the disabled and accompanied the employees there for a day in the garden, laundry or kitchen.

In Qingdao, China, employees had the possibility to bring their English skills to bear in a primary school or to cook and eat together with senior citizens in a care center. In Wuxi, too, employees visited a retirement home and organized games and a communal meal for the residents.

In the Americas region, among others, employees sewed colorful children’s blankets for the local hospital (Auburn Hills, US), helped sort old clothes for local needy people (St. Clair, US) or supported a primary school for children with ­disabilities in maintaining play equipment (Ciudad Juarez, Mexico).

Positive feedback from participants

Last year too, we again conducted an evaluation of NORMA Help Day. More than 200 NORMA Group employees took part in the survey. The feedback from the participants was predominantly positive. This is reflected in the quantitative evaluation, but also in the many descriptions of the employees' experiences.

We also received a lot of positive feedback from the external project partners. This makes Help Day a complete success for our Company and all participants. For this reason, the action day is to be continued in the coming years.