Norma Group

corporate responsibility

Continuously Reducing Waste

Besides lowering CO2 emissions and using water efficiently, reducing waste and recycling play an important role in NORMA Group’s environmental and climate protection strategy. We consistently work on reducing waste to a minimum. Through continuous process optimisation and by using innovative techniques, we have managed to continuously reduce the amount of waste in relation to production costs in recent years and have maintained it at a constant low level.

Recycling Processes

In the area of metallic wastes, almost 100 percent of the waste generated is subjected to external recycling. We use different methods depending on the type of waste: metallic waste is collected during the production processes and used for recycling. Waste plastics, on the other hand, are re-fed into the production process to the extent possible to save resources. Here, a certain share of the waste plastics generated by NORMA Group is reground. NORMA Group cannot recycle its own products, however, because they are built into final products such as engines, for example. GRI [G4-EN27]

Contractual arrangement requirements on material and recycling are met, of course. NORMA Group also ensures compliance with statutory labelling requirements. (Responsible Management) Our company thus meets statutory regulations such as the End-of-Life Vehicle Directive and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive of the electrical industry.

It is thus ensured that no harmful substances are released during the disposal or recycling of our products. Furthermore, recyclable materials are used to the extent possible, such as the NORMAQUICK PS3 connectors that are used in the cooling water systems of vehicles.