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corporate responsibility

Continuous Reduction of Water Consumption

We see it as part of our responsibility to conserve the precious resource water and secure the drinking water supply for future generations. NORMA Group lives up to this responsibility at three levels:
  1. Numerous NORMA products support careful handling of water and thus help to conserve the precious resource. (Business Solutions)

  2. NORMA Group raises awareness of conscious use of water and supports social projects with this focus through various measures. (Community)

  3. NORMA Group has set itself the goal of continuously reducing the use of water in its production processes.

    NORMA Group acquires its water from public supply networks and from its own wells. We have succeeded in continuously reducing the use of water in relation to production costs through targeted water management in our production processes in recent years. In 2016 water consumption was kept at a level of about 0.22 tons per EUR thousand in manufacturing costs. We record our water purchases precisely and identify potential for optimisation by comparing our annual consumption and the various other. GRI EN8, [G4-EN9]

    Acquisition of NDS in the US

    On 8 October 2014, NORMA Group acquired National Diversified Sales, Inc. (NDS), a leading US provider of storm water management, landscape irrigation and connection components for infrastructure in the water sector. We have thus continued our expansion in the field of water management.

    Given the global scarcity of water, the demand for efficient solutions for water supply and infrastructure is on the rise. We pay tribute to this trend through our acquisition of NDS and expand our product portfolio and geographic presence accordingly. The technologically sophisticated products of NDS include water management systems for trapping and treating rainwater, irrigation and drainage solutions and joining products for applications in water management.

    Successful Water Management at Various Sites

    Conservation of the valuable resource water is promoted locally and individually within NORMA Group at its sites as the following examples show:

    Water Circulation System at the Site in Pilica (Poland)
    The water vapour formed during heating processes in production at our Polish plant in Pilica is partially recycled and reused. The surplus that cannot be recycled is fed to the toilets after it has cooled off. In addition, a software solution has been introduced that notifies the respective employees if excessive water consumption is detected in production.

    Through these measures, our water requirement was reduced by almost 80 percent from approximately 12,000 cubic metres to around 2,500 cubic metres between 2012 and 2015.

    Intelligent Control System for Water
    Due to the ever increasing droughts in parts of the US, the issue of water management is becoming increasingly important there. According to the California Environmental Protection Agency, up to 80 percent of the water consumption of households is caused by landscape irrigation. NORMA Group contributes to reducing water consumption by supporting its customers in converting from conventional to modern, efficient irrigation systems and informing them of ways to save water.

    In addition, the drainage systems help to collect storm water and other urban waste water and return it to the water supply. By installing an intelligent control system, NORMA Group also managed to reduce water consumption at its US production site in Auburn Hills.

    Measures Include Responsible Use of Waste Water

    Responsible use of water resources also includes waste water. In this context, NORMA Group complies with the statutory requirements at all its sites. In addition, the handling of waste water is an aspect that is reviewed regularly as part of the ISO 14001 certification. Monitoring is performed to ensure that no unauthorised water contamination takes place. GRI [G4-EN26]