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NORMA Group’s product solutions address the increasing challenges posed by global megatrends such as resource scarcity and climate change. The permanent adaptation and further development of our products based on innovations play an essential role, as they have to meet ever increasing demands. These include stricter legal framework conditions and new technical requirements regarding the quality of products. When used in engines, for example, this concerns physical ­capacity at high pressure and high temperature or resistance to chemical substances.

At the same time, NORMA Group attaches great importance to sustainable supply chain management. Our Corporate Responsibility Policy refers to the entire value chain, including our indirect suppliers. We focus on compliance with human rights and environmental standards. We are continuously expanding our commitment to ensuring appropriate working conditions, for example by means of the Supplier Code of Conduct.

With high-quality products, innovative ideas for new solutions and efficient and sustainable purchasing, we form the basis for our customers’ satisfaction. We regularly review the targets we set in these areas to ensure that we can meet our customers’ needs and continuously improve customer satisfaction.


The quality of our products is of great importance in all industries relevant to NORMA Group. As joining elements for various individual parts, NORMA Group’s products are often critical to proper functioning for our direct customers. That is why we want to guarantee our customers the highest level of reliability with our brands. Quality, customer requirements and added value for society are thus directly linked.

Sustainability in Purchasing

Sustainability in Purchasing

We ensure that Corporate Responsibility aspects are taken into consideration within our group-wide purchasing processes: We work hard to make contractual relationships with our suppliers socially and environmentally compatible, and see to it that human rights, labor and environmental standards are adhered to.



Innovations not only form the basis for long-term economic success, but also for more environmentally friendly products, in electromobility for example. However, they can only arise if NORMA Group creates an innovation-friendly climate in which its employees can develop new ideas and foster a culture of innovation.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Our customers’ satisfaction is the basis of our business success. Only if we ensure this can we sustain our business and ensure the longevity of our organization. Orientation toward customer needs should therefore be a top priority in each of our specialized areas.


NORMA Group is constantly working to develop new solutions and optimize existing systems to meet the increasing demands of its customers. At the same time, we are continuing our work to integrate sustainability aspects into our business practices and relationships.