Norma Group

corporate responsibility

Our Product Solutions Address Global Megatrends

Our contribution to sustainable development is firmly grounded in the core business of NORMA Group. Our products make a valuable contribution toward tackling the growing challenges that arise for present and future generations as a result of global megatrends such as resource scarcity or climate change. (Infobox: Global Megatrends)

Our products allow customers to conserve resources and minimise environmental impacts. Together with them, NORMA Group does its part for a more environmentally-friendly, efficient, and sustainable use of natural resources.

Innovation: A Core Value

As a consequence of climate change, our customers are increasingly encountering greater environmental awareness on the part of their business partners and end users. They are also faced with stricter emissions regulations and higher energy and fuel costs.

As a result, our products must satisfy ever greater requirements. Specifically, this means complying with increasingly stringent legal regulations, dealing with technical changes (in engines, for example), and improving the capacity of our products to withstand physical stresses and provide chemical resistance. Innovation is crucial to our ability to continually adapt and develop our products, which in turn is the key to using resources efficiently and meeting our customers’ growing demands.

Exceptional Product Quality Forms the Foundation

The exceptional quality of all NORMA Group products is the key to our financial success. This is because our products, while typically only a small part of the end product, are often critical components. Maintaining exceptionally high quality is thus essential. At NORMA Group, it is our conviction that there is a direct connection between the high levels of innovation and quality that distinguish our company’s product solutions and our contribution to sustainable development.