Norma Group

corporate responsibility



NORMA Group considers it self-evident to act as a socially committed company and an active member of society. We want to have a positive impact on the ­regions and local communities in which we operate. In our core business, we make an important contribution in a variety of ways, for example through our human resources management, anti-corruption measures and environmental management.

We value exchange and close contact with our neighbors at all NORMA Group sites. We conduct Corporate Citizenship activities closely related to our core business. Employee involvement makes a decisive contribution to the success of our activities.

Our social commitment activities are based on our Corporate Citizenship ­Guideline (CCG) and are managed at Group level by the CR Officers. They receive support from employees with decentralized responsibilities at our production sites, on organizing our global Help Day, for example. With the NORMA Clean Water project, we are also developing model measures to show how global ­challenges – especially the scarcity of water as a resource – can be addressed.

All activities are weighted and evaluated after their implementation. Depending on the respective projects, key figures are collected and communicated, in the CR Roadmap, for example. (CR Roadmap 2020)