Norma Group

corporate responsibility


Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Studies show that companies that value diversity are more successful than those with largely homogeneous teams. As an international Company with sites and representative offices in 26 countries, NORMA Group is already structurally characterized by a high degree of diversity. By signing the Charter of Diversity NORMA Group commits itself to ensuring that all employees are valued – regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation or identity.

Our Diversity Mission Statement reads: “NORMA Group embraces diversity of thoughts by respecting our employees’ unique characteristics, experiences and ideas. We are committed to creating an environment of communication, ­networking, exchange and dialogue where talent is recognized, developed and united. We – all together – are the pacesetter in our industry.”

Diversity Officers and Diversity Day

We have appointed a Diversity Officer in every region to achieve this goal. Through extensive measures, NORMA Group has committed itself to diversity and an open working atmosphere in which our employees can network and exchange ideas.

We celebrate our commitment to diversity at NORMA Group every year on Diversity Day. Campaigns were again carried out last year at all sites worldwide, with the exception of the newly acquired plants of Kimplas Piping Systems and Statek Stanzereitechnik, to sensitize our employees to the issue of diversity and to further promote it. Diversity Day 2018 was held at all NORMA Group sites under the motto “Team Spirit.”

Equal treatment for men and women

Men and women have the same opportunities at NORMA Group, also with ­respect to assignment of management positions. We actively oppose ­discrimination and take for granted that women and men should be paid the same amount for the same jobs and qualifications. The proportion of women ­depends on the proportion of women who are available through the job market and who have the necessary qualifications. Accordingly, it varies worldwide ­between sites. At the end of 2018, the proportion of women in the total core workforce was 34.8% (2017:36.4%). NORMA Group's ­Supervisory Board currently has two female members, which equates to a share of 30%. (Annual Report)