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At the end of December 2018, NORMA Group had 8,865 employees throughout the Group (core workforce including temporary workers), which is 15.6% more than in the previous year (2017: 7,667). The number of temporary workers as of the reporting date was 1,964 (2017: 1,552). This corresponds to a share of the total workforce of around 22.2%.

Due to its internationality, HR management at NORMA Group is organized locally. This allows sites to take varying local conditions better into account in ­their daily HR work. On the basis of a firmly embedded employee culture, we ­implement various measures in occupational health and safety, training and ­development, remuneration as well as diversity and equal opportunities. The high average satisfaction of our employees confirms our approach. (Appropriate Remuneration and Employee Satisfaction)

Company culture is the basis for employee satisfaction

NORMA Group has defined core values that reflect the fundamental convictions of our Company. They are the compass for our actions and the guiding principles of how we act and work with our business partners. The goal of our employees is to live out these values every day. This includes change readiness, team spirit, open-mindedness and strong ties or relationships.

To bring Company values closer to our new colleagues, we conduct “Living ­Our Values” training courses in small groups from different divisions. These make our Company values practically tangible through various interactive ­methods and give employees the chance to discuss Company values with ­one another. Measures for occupational health and safety, employee development and innovation management would not be as effective without the appropriate Company culture.

Occupational Health and Safety

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), about 374 million work-related accidents occur worldwide each year. For this reason, companies have a particular responsibility with regard to the health and safety of their employees. Accordingly, NORMA Group places top priority on the health and safety of its employees.

Training and development

NORMA Group sees itself as a “learning organization,” aspiring to continuously develop. One of the reasons why this is so important is that we operate in a very dynamic environment with constantly changing demands placed on us. Trends such as digitalization, connectivity and flexibility are particularly relevant.

Appropriate Remuneration and Employee Satisfaction

Our HR policy is based on ensuring that all employees receive competitive and fair pay for their work. This usually goes beyond the pay of local statutory or collective minimum wages – these are at best a minimum standard for us. In addition, we intend to introduce performance- or success-based incentive systems at all sites worldwide which have not yet done so. One example of this is profit sharing for all tariff employees in Germany.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Studies show that companies that value diversity are more successful than those with largely homogeneous structures. As an international Company with sites and representative offices in 26 countries, NORMA Group is already structurally characterized by a high degree of diversity. The Diversity Chartercommits us to ensuring that all our employees are valued – regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation or identity.


We want to remain an attractive employer for our employees in the future. Our primary goal is therefore to improve the satisfaction of our employees. Furthermore, we will continue to invest in occupational safety and health at work and in the training and development of our employees.