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Megatrends such as resource scarcity and climate change are fundamentally and lastingly transforming the world. NORMA Group is aware of its responsibility in this respect because our products and services directly influence the challenges that arise for customers, society and our Company itself from these megatrends. Our products particularly contribute to greater energy efficiency, reduced emissions and more efficient use of water.

In order to further structure and enforce our efforts in these areas, we developed a comprehensive environmental strategy during the past year. The process of developing the strategy involved an assessment of historic data, benchmark analyses as well as internal workshops with participants from all regions. The Stakeholder Roundtable was another important milestone as it helped to validate our approach and provide new impulses which were subsequently integrated into the environmental strategy. (Stakeholders and Materiality)


The basis of our strategy form the material topics which we identified in our materiality analysis in 2017: climate, water and waste. (Stakeholders and Materiality) The strategy clusters each of these topics into three levels: at the core is the management within our own operations, the second level targets impact assessments along the value chain followed by the outer level of pilot projects. This three-level approach allows us to focus on the operations which lie in our direct sphere of influence while not neglecting impacts that arise in our supply chain our during the usage phase of our products. The environmental strategy is framed by communication measures and the further development of due diligence and risk management approaches.

The targets set in the environmental strategy have been integrated into the CR Roadmap. Detailed approaches to the three different topics will be ­explained in the following chapters. Other environmental topics such as biodiversity and handling hazardous substances were viewed to be less relevant for NORMA Group. As a result, they are not the focus of our CR activities. The lower materiality of biodiversity is due to the fact that NORMA Group mainly operates its production sites in designated industrial and commercial areas. Handling hazardous substances affects only a few production sites, and the legal requirements are being met.

Environmental Management Systems

We can only contribute to a more efficient and environmentally friendly economy if environmental protection is integrated into the processes and workflows of all NORMA Group sites. Therefore, NORMA Group relies on a Group-wide uniform environmental management system in line with ISO 14001.

Climate protection in Production

The global manufacturing industry contributes significantly to the emission of greenhouse gases through its own production processes and energy consumption. Reducing CO2 emissions provides a significant lever to reach the world community’s goal to keep global warming well below two degrees: only if we succeed in meeting our ambitious growth targets while minimizing our greenhouse gases can NORMA Group make a sustainable contribution to climate protection.

Water in Production

Water in Production

NORMA Group’s product portfolio consists to a large extent of water management products, which help our customers optimally control water consumption. Against this backdrop, NORMA Group also has a special responsibility to handle this resource carefully in its own production.

Resource efficiency

Resource efficiency, recycling and waste

Among other reasons, rising commodity prices reflect the growing shortage of the natural foundations of our economy. Efficient handling of the materials required for our production is therefore not only economically necessary to reduce production costs, but also from an environmental point of view.

Environmental Impact of Products

Increasing environmental awareness, resource scarcity and growing cost pressures are now playing a key role in almost every industry. In addition, there are mandatory legislative provisions leading to stricter emission regulations and specific requirements for materials used, especially in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry. NORMA Group therefore builds value-adding and sustainable solutions in its product portfolio.


We will continue to pursue our efforts and actions on environmental and climate protection in the coming years. The main focus of NORMA Group is therefore on continuously and systematically reducing the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes. We have therefore set ourselves the target of having 100% of our production sites worldwide certified in accordance with ISO 14001 by 2018 at the latest and then continuously recertified.