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corporate responsibility

NORMA Group Makes an Active Contribution to Environmental and Climate Protection

NORMA Group is aware of its environmental responsibilities. We recognise the growing importance of environmental issues for our customers, for society as well as for the sustainability of our own company. We consider it our duty to meet current needs without burdening future generations.

NORMA Group makes a key contribution to environmental protection with its weight and thus emission-reducing products (Business Solutions). For NORMA Group, designing production processes to be as environmentally friendly as possible is also part of holistic environmental sustainability. Compliance with applicable environmental legislation and the relevant standards and requirements is a matter of course for NORMA Group and forms the basis of our environmental commitment. (Responsible Management)

Moreover, as a responsible company, NORMA Group must take environmental aspects into consideration in all phases of its business. We strive to continuously reduce energy and resource consumption in our internal processes – such as production, logistics and administrative processes. To reduce the use of resources consistently, we have initiated a Group-wide environmental and climate protection strategy. The priorities of environmental management of NORMA Group are on the areas

(1) Energy/CO2 Footprint
(2) Water
(3) Wastes/Recycling

Energy and Water as the Main Focuses of the Environmental and Climate Protection Strategy

We see the greatest potential to improve our sustainability in the areas of energy and water, in particular. This materiality assessment was confirmed by internal and external CR experts in a stakeholder dialog and has accordingly been incorporated into our CR Roadmap 2018. (CR Roadmap 2018)

Other environmental issues such as biodiversity or the handling of hazardous waste were assessed to be less relevant for NORMA Group and are therefore not the focus of our CR measures. NORMA Group does not operate any production sites in conservation areas or in their vicinity. Rather, we operate our sites mainly in designated industrial or commercial areas. NORMA Group’s activities therefore have no discernible impact on biodiversity. GRI [G4-EN11, G4-EN12, G4-EN26]

Use of Environmental Management Systems to Achieve Specific Environmental Objectives

Consistent and proactive implementation of our environmental and climate protection strategy is only possible if concrete objectives are set. To achieve these goals, NORMA Group relies on a uniform Group-wide environmental management system that is certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001.

21 NORMA Group sites were certified according to the ISO 14001 standard at the end of 2015. Three other sites are to be certified by the end of 2016.

Group-Wide Reporting of Environmental Indicators

Furthermore, a Group-wide reporting tool was introduced in 2013 that allows for resource consumption as well as emissions and waste volumes to be detected and tracked. Key environmental indicators are thus collected and reported to the Management Board on a monthly basis.

This instrument can detect trends early on and corrective action can be taken in a timely manner, if necessary. In addition, an Environmental Management Officer has been appointed at 100 percent of all of NORMA Group’s production sites, who is responsible for reporting on the indicators and for implementing the environmental strategy.

Training of Employees in the Area of Environmental Protection

NORMA Group’s holistic approach on protecting the environment also integrates its employees so that they can carry out the respective measures. Our employees are trained regularly on how to reduce energy and water consumption and thereby participate in NORMA Group’s environmental and climate protection strategy. GRI [G4-EN27]