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NORMA Clean Water

Many regions of the world face major challenges in the areas of water supply, sanitation and hygiene. However, in a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 80% of the countries surveyed responded that they do not have sufficient funding to meet their national water, sanitation and hygiene goals. (WHO)The lack of funding is also associated with social consequences: children, especially girls, suffer from the often precarious situation as they are traditionally responsible for the domestic water supply.

For NORMA Group, water is a strategic focus area with a direct connection to our core business as we provide various product solutions for water management. (Environmental impact of our products) Our lighthouse social ­commitment project therefore naturally focuses on water. At the same time, it seeks to show how challenges in the areas of water, sanitation and hygiene can be met through cooperation between business and civil society.

NORMA Group’s commitment has been acknowledged

Today, the NORMA Clean Water project can already look back on several years of history. Our partner is always the children's charity Plan International, which supervises and implements the work on site. Last year, the cooperation between NORMA Group and Plan International received public recognition: NORMA Clean Water was among the finalists for the German CSR Award in the category “Civil Society Engagement.” The prize is awarded to projects and initiatives that demonstrate exemplary corporate responsibility.

Between 2014 and 2017, NORMA Clean Water focused on the water supply and hygiene situation in Indian schools in the greater Pune area. Construction measures for the repair and renovation of toilet facilities were implemented at a total of 25 schools and almost 16,000 pupils and around 650 teachers were trained in the use of clean drinking water and hygiene. The training formed the core of the work as they ensure that the water facilities are used to improve hygiene even after the end of the project.

NORMA Clean Water in Brazil

Following the success in India, NORMA Clean Water is being continued in the Codó and Peritoró regions in the state of Maranhão in northeastern Brazil. Here, too, safe access to clean water is lacking. The aim of the project is therefore to improve the living and health conditions of children and their families. To this end, NORMA Group launched the three-year project in Brazil in 2017. In concrete terms, a total of 400 families are to have access to clean water by 2020 through the construction and repair of new drinking water facilities. In addition, at least 170 families are to benefit from vegetable gardens that diversify and expand their food supply. Here, too, training is at the heart of the project to ensure the long-term success of NORMA Clean Water.

Last year, the project made further progress: technical studies were carried out in four project communities to prepare construction measures for the water ­supply systems. All in all, around 450 residents of the six project communities participated in training courses on maintenance of the infrastructure, but also on hygiene, health and gender roles. In addition, so-called water committees were established in all project communities. The committees are an important cornerstone for project implementation because they are involved in the implementation and maintenance of the construction measures and thus embed the project throughout the communities.