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corporate responsibility


Responsible Management

Responsibility, honesty and mutual respect – from both the management and our employees and from NORMA Group towards our business partners – shape our corporate culture. We are aware of our responsibility towards employees, customers, suppliers and our social and ecological environment.

NORMA Group expects its managers and employees to not only comply with ­existing laws and regulations but also to respect important ethical standards. In particular, the compliance guidelines of NORMA Group have groundbreaking character. In order to meet these requirements, we have set up and continuously develop the appropriate systems, including compliance and risk management systems.

NORMA Group is committed to international human rights and diversity

As part of our activities, we do not tolerate compliance violations, such as ­human rights violations, violations of freedom of association or discrimination. Every aspect of our business respects international human rights. NORMA Group rejects all forms of forced, compulsory and child labor. In doing so, ILO Conventions numbers 138 and 182 are recognized as the minimum standard for protection against child labor. We are also committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in our business activities.

Furthermore, we recognize the right of our employees to join unions and to found employee representations. We reject discrimination based on ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation and religion. With this in mind, NORMA Group ­supports measures to promote diversity within the Company. (Diversity and Equal Opportunity)

NORMA Group reports regularly internally on legal disputes to ensure that its claims in the areas of anti-discrimination and freedom of association are met. In 2018, there were no cases of discrimination determined by courts nor violations of freedom of association determined by courts as being committed by NORMA Group.

We also assume our responsibility along the value chain. This is why we commit our suppliers to comply with and respect human rights. However, due to the size and complexity of the value chain, human rights ­violations cannot be ruled out entirely because NORMA Group has only limited influence on compliance with the minimum standards that extends beyond its direct business partners. If we learn that our business partners are committing or tolerating human rights violations, we end the relationship. In the event of ­violations by employees, we take measures that can ultimately lead to the ­termination of the employment relationship. Compliance violations can potentially occur at every stage of the value chain. They relate to employees, suppliers and other stakeholders who are in contact with NORMA Group’s business ­activities. (Sustainability in Purchasing)

Human Rights and Compliance

Understanding NORMA Group’s values forms the basis for all business decisions and activities at our Group. In particular, our growing global focus makes global implementation and compliance with codes of conduct increasingly important.

Data protection

NORMA Group collects, processes and stores personal data as part of its business activities. In particular, this involves data relating to our employees, which must be collected within the framework of employment, but also data relating to our business partners. NORMA Group is aware of the high importance of protecting confidential information and in particular personal data.

Responsible Marketing Policy

Trusting and long-term relationships with our customers are the foundation of NORMA Group’s success. In fact, our company maintains contact with over 10,000 customers in more than 100 countries and promotes more than 40,000 products and solutions. Despite this complexity, we want to ensure that communication with our customers follows consistent standards that correspond to our principles for responsible management.

Awareness of CR within the Company

Successfully implemented measures in Corporate Responsibility – whether in the areas of quality, environment, compliance or any other – depend on the commitment of each individual employee. Only when everyone makes a contribution can NORMA Group operate successfully and sustainably. It is NORMA Group's goal to inspire its employees to act sustainably in their daily work.


Acting responsibly has long been a fundamental principle of NORMA Group. This principle must be constantly reviewed, further developed and adapted to the social and business environment in order to be put into practice.