Norma Group

corporate responsibility

Acting Responsibly is a Fundamental Principle of NORMA Group

Compliance with the law and legal provisions is regarded as a matter of course for NORMA Group and is not negotiable.

The principles of Corporate Responsibility must be upheld by every employee of NORMA Group. To that end, management has formulated and set in motion a long-term Corporate Responsibility Strategy for all sites and all employees. Compliance and risk management systems are in our view part of this responsibility, as is the formation of trusting relationships with workers' representatives, suppliers, and customers.

As a company that does business internationally, it is important for us to have a systematic and comprehensive compliance strategy and to implement it consistently in order to ensure that the laws and diverse regulatory systems are adhered to at the international sites.

Organisational Placement of Compliance

With a view toward effective management of the compliance activities of NORMA Group, the Management Board of NORMA Group SE has set up a global compliance organisation that is overseen by the Chief Compliance Officer. The Chief Compliance Officer manages Group-wide compliance activities and reports directly to the Chairman of the Management Board. To professionalise the compliance organisation further, more staff was added in 2015. In addition to the corporate Compliance Department at the Group level, compliance officers have been appointed at the level of the regions EMEA, Americas, and Asia-Pacific, as well as in all the individual companies that carry out business operations. The compliance officers of the individual Group companies report to the respective Regional Compliance Officer, who in turn reports to the Chief Compliance Officer.

Compliance and Risk Management

The existing compliance and risk management systems are used to monitor compliance with relevant laws and regulations and to ensure that contractual obligations are adhered to (Compliance and Risk Management). The Management Board of NORMA Group is responsible for ensuring that the Group has an effective system of risk management in place. The Supervisory Board is responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of this system. The normal examinations carried out during the internal audit ensure adherence to internal Group rules on risk management. Risk management represents a Group-wide task within NORMA Group, one that begins with the individual local business units. Risks that affect the whole Group are registered and evaluated separately. GRI [G4-14]

Human Rights and Prevention of Discrimination

NORMA Group categorically rejects any form of discrimination or violation of human rights and undertakes everything in its power to conduct itself accordingly. (Human Rights and Prevention of Discrimination)

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Respecting human rights and social standards and ensuring appropriate working conditions are of central importance not just with respect to our employees but also within our whole value chain. We are therefore continually expanding the efforts of NORMA Group in this regard, as demonstrated by our Supplier Code of Conduct. (Sustainable Supply Chain Management)