Norma Group

corporate responsibility

NORMA Group Assumes Responsibility

It is a matter of importance to NORMA Group to act as a socially committed company and an active member of society. We make a decisive contribution to society and to the environment with our low-emission and resource-saving products (Business Solutions) and through the continuous reduction of our own energy and water use. (Environment)

We consider the fair treatment of our employees with all of their diversity and combating all forms of discrimination to be part of our social responsibility. (Employees) Compliance with and respect for human rights obviously applies for NORMA employees. We also demand this for all people who are involved in our value chain. (Responsible Management and Sustainable Supply Chain Management)

The Focus Lies on Our Own Sites
Furthermore, we have set ourselves the goal of initiating additional activities that positively affect the development of society. The focus of our actions always lies on the regions in which we operate. We want to strengthen this in a targeted manner. We have identified considerable potential to effectively assume social responsibility in two areas in particular:

1. Exemplary measures by which we show how global challenges – especially the shortage of water resources – can be met. (NORMA Clean Water)
2. Strengthening civil society at the sites of NORMA Group – mainly through the promotion of voluntary commitment of our employees. (Corporate Volunteering)

NORMA Group also takes a decentralised approach as part of its social commitment. We have established the necessary framework for donations and sponsorship, which, in turn, is filled with life by the site managers and coordinators. Their involvement adds to the effect of our international corporate volunteering programme for civil society in the region. (Participation at the Sites)