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Management of Corporate Responsibility

NORMA Group has systematically implemented Corporate Responsibility (CR) since 2012. The goal is to act in a responsible, sustainable and lawful manner in all areas of the Company. To ensure that NORMA Group as a whole remains oriented toward this goal, CR was adopted as a core element of our Vision 2025. The CR Policy and the key areas of action for CR it contains form the basis for managing sustainability issues. We are therefore also structuring this report on the basis of these areas of action.

The  CR Policy applies to the entire NORMA Group. It covers five key areas of action and defines our basic understanding of responsibility as a Company. The policy describes our strategic approach with the aim of coordinating NORMA Group’s responsibility in a structured manner and further developing it in a targeted manner. Last year, we partly modified our CR Policy and aligned it with the material CR topics of NORMA Group. In its CR Policy, NORMA Group also reaffirmed its commitment to the UN Global Compact and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. (Sustainable Development Goals)


Our employees create and drive our business success. We will continue to invest in a safe and supportive working environment, protect our employees' health and strenghten our position as an employer of choice. We embrace diversity throughout NORMA Group and promote a working environment free of prejudice.


NORMA Group is highly interested in livable and and prosperous neighborhoods. Via our Corporate Citizenship Programs, we aim to strengthen, and contribute positively to the communities in which we operate and support selected projects for sustainable development.


Being responsible means taking our dependency and our impact on the environment into account. In our own production, we ensure compliance with environmental standards and make ambitious contributions in the areas of climate-, water-, and waste management. With our joining technology, we support customers to meet future environmental standards and improve their environmental performance.

Business Solutions

We guarantee highest quality and innovative products and services that help to lower emissions and reduce energy consumption. In order to further optimize our processes, we count on a close exchange with our customers. In our business relationships, we maintain social and environmental standards: NORMA Group encourages suppliers to introduce environmental as well as health and safety systems.

Responsible Management

Corporate responsibility has to be developed and realized by every employee of NORMA Group. In doing so, the foundation lies in compliance with laws and regulations. NORMA Group commits itself to international human rights and the principles of the International Labour Organization. Additionally, we motivate our employees to take action for our sustainability goals.


NORMA Group wishes to contribute to a sustainable society for people and the environment by the way we do business. Our corporate responsibility strategy helps us behave responsibly and at the same time secure our position as a global market and technology leader in engineered joining technology.

NORMA Group's approach to Corporate Responsibility

For us, Corporate Responsibility means reconciling the impact of our business with the needs of society. Our products already make a valuable contribution to a more sustainable society by helping to reduce the negative effects of global megatrends such as water scarcity and climate change. Our CR strategy forms the basis of responsible actions and transparent business practices. In order to strategically align and further develop our CR measures, we set up the CR Roadmap that includes specific objectives for each area of action.  (CR Roadmap 2020)

The respective departments are responsible for filing and implementing these CR objectives with measures. Guidelines and management approaches are developed for the material CR topics. These can then be implemented reliably and standardized internationally. We use existing management systems, expand them if necessary, or rebuild them. The Group-wide approaches are complemented by nationally adapted, decentralized measures. To what extent CR topics are managed and implemented Group-wide or decentralized depends on how the respective CR objectives can be achieved as effectively as possible.

Steering Committee develops strategic orientation of CR

Cross-departmental and multi-site coordination is important and necessary for institutionalizing CR throughout NORMA Group. Therefore, a Corporate Responsibility Steering Committee was established in 2012. Anchoring directly with the Management Board, it underpins the high relevance of this topic for NORMA Group. The CR SteeringCommittee represents all relevant functions at Group level. It includes the heads of purchasing, quality, environment, health and safety (EHS), human resources, investor relations, communications, legal and compliance.

The CR Steering Committee meets once a quarter. Its most important task is to further develop NORMA Group’s strategic CR management. In addition, the Committee also assesses cross-departmental coordination and the status of the achievement of objectives related to key CR tasks. The Corporate Responsibility Officers manage departmental coordination, reporting directly to NORMA Group’s responsible member of the Management Board. (Annual Report)