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corporate responsibility

Awards and Results of Sustainability Ratings

In 2018, NORMA Group again received feedback from external rating agencies on its performance in the area of Corporate Responsibility. The questions asked to NORMA Group in this context are based on the most important sustainability indicators from the areas of environment, social affairs and corporate governance. As a rule, the companies surveyed are required to be able to substantiate their responses with documents and certificates. The results of the ratings are primarily used by two stakeholder groups: customers and financial market players.

The feedback received on NORMA Group last year was again predominantly positive: the CR measures received consistently good to very good ratings from the rating agencies. As a result, we were once again able to fully achieve the corresponding core objective of the CR Roadmap. Last year, the positive rating of Oekom-ISS stood out in particular: for the first time, NORMA Group achieved the Prime Standard in this rating. NORMA Group thus ranks among the top ten percent of the rated companies and is qualified for an ecological-social investment from the agency’s point of view. In addition, NORMA Group was once again awarded Gold status in the EcoVadis rating.

NORMA Group’s CR work was also commended beyond the positive assessment of the rating agencies. NORMA Group received the Building Public Trust Award from the auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for the best non-financial reporting of all MDAX-listed companies. In addition, the “NORMA Clean Water” project was selected among the finalists for the German CSR Prize in the category “Civil Society Engagement.” The prize is awarded to companies that are committed to their social environment and assume responsibility for it.