Quick Connectors


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Quick Connectors

Electrical Vehicles

With our extensive product range of quick connectors according SAE, VDA and NORMA Group standards, we offer the globally largest range of quick connect solutions. Whatever will be your requirements, we can meet and exceed them.

SAE STYLE (SAE Quick Connector)

Specialized plastic quick connectors developed for coolant applications. Test parameters are significantly higher than operation parameters. Special applications possible, contact us!
• Media: Coolant
• Operating temperature: –40°C to 135°C, short term higher
• Pressures: 0 to 2 bar pos. pressure, partially pulsating (sinusoidal)
• Vibrations: Usually engine vibrations 7–200 Hz, 0.2–20 g

PS3 (VDA Quick Connector)

PS3 “Push & Seal” plastic quick connectors are an ideal means for the secure connection of coolant and heater hoses as well as charged air systems.
• Time and cost reduction
• Automated processes
• To be used in extremely narrow spaces
• Optimal tightness
• Locator/anti rotation tab feature

V2 Quick Connector

V2 plastic quick connectors are an ideal means to connect media-carrying lines as well as ventilation and exhaust lines in the automotive industry.
• Fast assembly without tool
• Robot assembly possible
• Compact dimensions
• Integrated seal
• The seals can be visually checked

V3 Quick Connector

The V3® is designed for coolant vent lines. To guarantee that the product can resist cooling-water, the V3® is made two-parted. The housing is made of materials resistant to cooling water, and the locking ring is made of flexible material.
• Simple design
• Cost effective and reliable
• No assembly or disassembly tool required
• Anti-rotation feature