UREA Transport Systems

Emission Control

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UREA Transport Systems

Emission Control

NORMA Group’s innovative solutions for Urea transport systems are based on our extensive experience in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. Using NORMA Group’s global expertise and resources, we can provide automotive, light truck, commercial truck and heavy equipment customers with options that meet emission requirements for today and tomorrow’s demanding environmental regulations. We work closely with each of our customers and their unique vehicle situations to develop a customized, robust system that offers them optimal performance.


Combines superior flexibility and reduced de-freezing time with low power consumption
• Internal heating element
• Efficient thawing performance
• Reduced heating power and de-freezing time
• Lower cost and power consumption
• Resistant to hard freeze
• Can be pre-formed or straight line
• Available in 12V DC and 24V DC design
• Special customer requirements available upon request


Reduces both power consumption and de-freezing time
·More efficient heating through heating rod placed inside the UREA fluid.
·Lower power consumption
·Very flexible and soft enough during freeze and thaw of UREA.
·No need thermal-forming, easy for urea line layout and installation.


Available in many versions with reduced power consumption – always easy to assemble
• No electrical components
• No electrical managing devices
• Heating of UREA via cooling water tube in a bundle
• Efficient thawing performance
• Resistance to hard freeze
• 4 mm and 6 mm ID available
• Many variation possible based on the customer flow rate demands


UREA is a complete Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system for any vehicle. Pipes (up to six meters long) can be thermoformed like standard fuel pipes. Tight-bending radii and small external diameters create extra space, and the urea conveyer, filler and ventilation pipes can be fitted with a wide range of clips or retaining elements. We solved AdBlue’s freezing problem by integrating heating wires that unfreeze the urea directly after the engine starts and keeps it liquid while the vehicle is moving.
• Impressive client portfolio demonstrating trust and high proficiency. Many OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers have selected NORMA Group as their global development partner of SCR technology
• A notable product portfolio with the ability to provide a complete SCR system in any vehicle
• Small external diameter and tight bending radius providing more available space
• UREA conveyer and filler and ventilation pipes can be easily attached to vehicles
• Electrical wiring and connections can be adapted to individual requirements of any vehicle
• Every product is thoroughly tested in the NORMA Group state-of-the-art lab
• This product is being constantly and continuously developed and improved


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