Hose Clamps


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Hose Clamps

Emission Control

NORMA Group pioneered the development of hose clamps. We provide optimal sealing solutions for all industries and their individual requirements and remain one of the world's foremost innovators and producers for numerous OEM industries and emission applications. Our portfolio of hose clamps include constant-tension hose clamps that offer a wide range of diameters, screw types, housings and materials to satisfy the needs and requirements of your applications.


Thanks to their robust clamping brackets with metric bolts the clamping force offered by S/SP is very high. We recommend the two-part version for applications submitted to extreme pressure and tensile loads.
• Material: W1, W5
• Chromium VI free: compliant with ROHS, WEEE and ELV Environmental Directives
• Clamping ranges to DIN 3017 and 3016
• Larger diameters upon request


Hose sealing clamps are used to seal rubber and plastic hoses as well as rubber sleeves on pipe ends or connecting spigots. Larger diameters can be connected without problems using two-part clamps.

• Sizes are stepped up in 1 mm intervals
• Available in W1 and W5


Retaining clamps are suitable for clamping containers, pipes and cables.

• Available sizes and bandwidths on request


TORRO® worm drive hose clamps are specially suitable for applications under high mechanical loads. Since we are continuously working to improve its features this clamp is still setting standards for modern hose clamp design. The distinguishing feature of the TORRO® is the asymmetrical construction which tells you at first sight whether it is a genuine TORRO® or not.
• Multi-range hose clamp
• Material: W1, W2, W3, W4, W5
• Chromium VI free: compliant with ROHS, WEEE and ELV Environmental Directives
• Clamping ranges to DIN 3017: 8–16 mm up to 140–160 mm
• Larger diameters upon request


The notch is a clever option for pre-positioning the TORRO® hose clamp on the hose. In this case the oval hole in the clamp band finds its exact counterpart on the hose surface. Thus the TORRO® is safely and accurately kept in place prior to the final assembly.

• Safe pre-assembly on the hose
• Smart weight saving option without weakening the performance of the clamp


With this accessory the TORRO® can also be pre-positioned on the hose. The two ‘teeth’ of this device keep the TORRO® hose clamp safely in place if it needs to be stocked or transported prior to its final assembly.

• Safe pre-assembly on the hose


For this version of the TORRO® the standard hose clamp is equipped with a spring insert on the inside of the clamp band. When tightening the screw the spring is loaded and stores sufficient clamping force to ensure a long-lasting automatic retensioning effect. Thus the radial clamping force achieved will be sufficient even under extremely low temperatures. Therefore, the TORRO® is an optimal solution for applications under extreme temperature changes.

• Automatic re-tensioning effect in the event of hose relaxation
• Increased sealing reliability across a wide temperature range


The PreFix System is a concept for integrated clamps and clips on hoses and pipes. The demand for complete systems that include the appropriate sealing function is increasing.

• Safe pre-assembly on the hose


The Radial® Insert clamp consists of a standard riveted clamp with a stainless steel liner. This insert in the radial acts as a spring.

• Radial integrated element located on the inside of the clamp band
• High contact pressure due to the radially corrugated design
• There are also dynamic properties
• Only available in 9 mm bandwidth


GBS are particularly suited for sealing suction and pressure lines with plastic or steel reinforcements and high shore hardnesses. Their distinguishing feature is the extremely high band tensile force. The assembly of GBS is easily completed by means of either manual, pneumatic or electric standard tools.


On request the GBS is available with QRC (Quick Release Closure). The hinged bolt can be quickly released and enables the fast and easy assembly or disassembly of the clamp.

• Available in all materials W1, W2, W4, W5.


The two-part version of the GBS is an additional clamp type in this range.


T-Bolt hose clamps are intended for use where other hose clamps do not work. Typical applications include air intake systems, cold side charge air hose connections and a variety of hose, pipe and ducting joints.
• Available in diameters 1.75" (44.5 mm) and larger, T-Bolt hose clamps can be configured to suit almost any application and operating environment
• Also available: different materials and Quick Connect or Quick Release latch styles


FLEX SEAL™ hose clamps incorporate a compression spring to accommodate joint diameter changes resulting from hose set and thermal effects. They are accepted industry wide for use on charge air and coolant system hose connections.
• Heavy Duty T-Bolt and FLEX SEAL™ hose clamps usually have a diameter take up range of 5/16" (7.9 mm)
• Also available: different materials and Quick Connect or Quick Release latch styles


BRS wide band hose clamps, in combination with a rubber sleeve, are particularly suitable for connecting pipes with smooth ends. Cast iron pipes and steel pipes as well as plastic or glass pipes are joined securely and without welding.
• Extra wide clamp band
• Large-area distribution of clamping forces
• Increased transverse rigidity
• Single and multi-part versions


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