Quick Connectors

Air Intake
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Quick Connectors

Air Intake & Induction

NORMA Group's quick connector portfolio offers state-of-the-art air intake connections, reducing permeation rates and helping reduce total system weight so important to today's OEM's. Made from synthetic material, NORMA's connectors are suitable for most media carrying lines.


V2 plastic quick connectors are an ideal means to connect media carrying lines as well as ventilation and exhaust lines in automotive industry. The connectors can be used for both line-to-line and line-to-device connections. V2 can be applied on both plastic and metal spigots.
• Quick assembly time equaling cost reduction
• Automated production, no human factor means less margin of error
• No tools needed
• Compact dimensions allowing ease of use in narrow spaces
• An integrated seal provides optimal tightness
• All seals can be visually checked, permitting safe assembly
• Featuring extremely low permeation values


TWIST II is a “Push & Seal” plastic quick connector; an ideal solution for connecting air intake and cooling water systems.
• Can be integrated in end-tanks as well as mounted on tubes or hoses
• A secure seal to the mating spigot with a low assembly force
• Robust and clear locking features with a click function to ensure a correct lock
• Easy operation for disassembly
• Temperature resistance of up to 180°C


TWIST III is a quick connector series for charged air system applications. Developed to meet extremely tough requirements, especially in low-emission vehicles, it combines a low assembly effort with very good hydrolysis tolerance, temperature resistance and mechanical performance. TWIST III operates at approx. 2.75 bar excess pressure and engine compartment temperatures of -48°C up to +135°C. Standard design configurations are straight. Special designs are also available.

PS3 CHARGE AIR Quick Connector

PS3 “Push & Seal” plastic quick connectors are an ideal means for the secure connection of charged air systems to be used in pre-assembled systems.
• Can be mounted on a radiator or spigot
• Easy + secure seal to spigot
• Turbocharger to increase performance (e.g. high temperature)
• Click function for secure lock
• Easily disassembled
• Temp can reach 175°C
• To be used in pre-assembled systems