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Aseptic Connectors
Aseptic connection with no dead legs to connect TC equipment (e.g. Sampling system)

When it comes to meeting your critical applications needs for your aseptic process, your valves and valve configurations are essential parts of your system. To help you meet your needs, there is an extensive assortment of valves for your tank and process lines configurations. Our valves and valve combinations (pipe size from 12 mm to 76mm) provide a wide range of cost-effective, aseptic solutions that comply with rigorous CIP/SIP requirements. Designed to completely eliminate dead legs and minimize hold up volumes, these valves offer optimal process efficiency, and ensure that your system can be easily cleaned and sterilized in place. The In-place Cleanability is guaranteed. The valves will be totally cleaned when the cleaning procedure is designed for the tank or the system. Constructed with diaphragm materials such as EPDM, silicone elastomers and PTFE, our aseptic valve design enables you to compress and simplify the design of your process, thereby reducing your validation efforts and saving you time and money.