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Just as each person is unique, so are the brands of NORMA Group and the products and solutions they offer. And still we are one, with the same extraordinary standards of quality, efficiency and reliability. Every brand is built on the premise that quality saves lives. And each brand is a dynamic hub of knowledge and competence, with unique insights into markets and customer challenges. Together we are an indomitable powerhouse driving technological innovation for addressing global issues like CO2, safety and scarcity of water. Get to know our brands, and you will understand the heritage of engineering excellence that defines us. And just how central your needs are to each and every one of us.

Core brands in the UK

NORMA is synonymous with expertise and innovation, combining the right balance of technology and customer specificity. Over the decades, NORMA has acquired a well-earned reputation for superior technical and innovative solutions.

Every NORMA product is designed, produced and delivered within the framework of a certified quality management system. This development procedure is essential for achieving the innovative yet robust designs that make NORMA a household name that stands for cutting-edge safety, reliability and performance.

The jewel in the crown of NORMA Group, ABA, with its iconic blue housing and design is the brand globally synonymous with excellence in clamping. The brand’s uncompromising quest for quality and safety was sealed in 1896 with a royal decree that only ABA be used in fire hose coupling in Sweden.

This proud heritage lives on around the world with 57 distinct products.

Established in 1855, Herbert Terry & Sons Ltd was a pioneer in the field of spring technology and industrial fastener manufacture, and soon became world renowned as an innovative engineering solution provider.

Terry´s passion for innovation led, among many things, to the introduction of the TERRY POWERGRIP Hose Clip. Once introduced, the worm drive hose clamp quickly became the product of choice for designers and engineers across all industries.
Terry worm drive hose clips are still produced to the BSI standards, and the Kitemark stamped on all Terry clamps is a sign of their quality, performance and reliability.

The embodiment of true American innovation, BREEZE has pioneered and manufactured premium quality perforated worm-drive hose clamps for generations.

To this day, a highly knowledgeable and experienced workforce ensures that every clamp is of the highest quality, safety and reliability. Staying true to the tradition of ground-breaking innovation, BREEZE provides both a range of products and various options to facilitate using the best possible clamp for every application.

Torca proudly showcases American ingenuity. The brand is renowned for its leading-edge technologies used throughout the company, from Engineering through Operations and Sales to Shipping Processes.

Torca is steadfast in continuous product innovation, focusing on providing the best product performance using the least amount to material. In this way, the brand is successful in achieving the most overall efficiency for all their products and in being actively sought after for a range of applications the world over.

NORMA Group brand portfolio


The power of our brands for distributors

Our portfolio of brands provides over 35,000 products and solutions to over 100,000 customers around the world. Each brand proudly bears the NORMA Group heritage of engineering excellence and is the preferred choice of customers in its industry. Get to know us and you’ll understand how rewarding it is to work with leaders with insight into market trends, emerging challenges and driving forces. You can be sure that the connection you have with us, is as secure as our clamps, connectors and fluid systems.

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Your security lies in our industry-leading brands

NORMA Group is as strong as each and every one of our brands. Our brands are leaders in their fields of excellence, renowned around the world for their extraordinary standards of quality, efficiency and reliability. As powerhouses of research and development, these brands embody true innovation, out of which powerful new products and solutions emerge. Our brands span the globe, working to provide every secure connection for components and materials in systems and mechanisms. Making industries, in their turn, real leaders in their markets and areas of business.

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