The Quality, Environment and Safety and Health System (HSE) of LIFIAL - Águeda Metallurgical Industry applies to the manufacture and sale of metal clamps, clamps for structures and similar items.


LIFIAL – Águeda Metallurgical Industry, member of the NORMA GROUP, has Quality, Environment and Health Safety (HSE) as a strategic reference, through its commitment to adopt a sustainable management model by promoting this value on a daily basis in all aspects of your business. Therefore, it assumes the Integrated Management System as an essential instrument for continuous improvement and for the good performance of the organization.

It focuses its efforts on delivering high-quality products in order to build lasting relationships with its customers and all stakeholders, taking into account not only their respective requirements and expectations, but also the environmental and Health and Safety impacts of their activities.

Therefore, Lifial is committed to:

·  Maintain its Integrated Management System in compliance with regulatory requirements (integrated in NP EN ISO 9001:2015, NP EN ISO 14001:2015, NP ISO 45001:2019);

·   Periodically assess and monitor the organization's performance, with a view to continuous improvement;

·   Ensure compliance with requirements and compliance with legal, regulatory and other applicable requirements;

·   Identify, manage and continuously minimize environmental impacts, reconciling with the elimination of hazards and reduction of risks resulting from its activities, products and services;

·   Promote a zero failure mentality, ensuring minimal failure in its production and business processes, moving towards the lowest environmental impact, zero accidents, professional diseases and zero defects;

·  Disseminate a preventive culture through the integration of environmental and HSE programs and practices in response to possible environmental repercussions, hazards and risks resulting from its current activities, as well as considering these repercussions before starting a new activity, project or installation of equipment;


·  Enhance the consultation, participation, training and awareness of employees in order to enable compliance with the established Quality, Environment and HSE objectives and compliance obligations, contributing to greater effectiveness and efficiency of the system;

·  Communication with stakeholders in relation to this Policy and other components of Quality, Environment and HSE Management, so that the organization reinforces its reputation in the respective guidelines;

· Act preventively in relation to environmental protection, with an emphasis on liquid effluents and waste management and consumption of natural resources.

The General Management ensures the allocation of resources necessary for the implementation of this Quality, Environment and HSE Policy and promotes and monitors its communication and understanding as a basis for continuous improvement and for risk-based thinking, essential for achieving effectiveness and efficiency of LIFIAL's Integrated Management System.