Norma Group

Supplier Requirements

NORMA Group is a global market and technology leader in Engineered Joining Technology solutions with more than 60 years of manufacturing and product-development experience. Constantly optimizing the selection of suppliers is yet another key task of purchasing. This is done not solely on the basis of traditional criteria such as quality, price and delivery times, but also takes important aspects of risk management and sustainable development into consideration.

With this in mind, NORMA Group adjusted the Supplier Scoring and Sourcing process as well as published the Supplier Code of Conduct in 2014. These guidelines formulate NORMA Group’s expectations with respect to the sustainable economic activity of its suppliers and serve as a basis for additional sustainability criteria such as compliance with human and employee rights, workplace safety and ecological and ethical aspects when selecting suppliers.

NORMA Group’s goal is to ensure that it acts responsibly throughout the entire value creation chain.

We expect the following from our suppliers:
Commitment to our NORMA Group Philosophy
Registration on our eSourcing platform 
Sustainability in the business process
Logistic/Quality Requirements
Complete traceability through the entire supply chain
Full compliance with our Terms and Conditions
Quality Management System certified according to ISO 9001 with compliance to ISO 16949
Commitment to the Zero-Defects Principle

Download the current version of NORMA Group's Code of Conduct and its Subpolicies.

Download our current T&Cs.