Norma Group

Our Human Resources mission: people excellence

We have created a framework for the expression of entrepreneurial spirit within the organization, to attract, retain and develop a highly motivated, high-performance, diversified workforce.

Our Human Resources tools include:
• Leadership Training
• Talent Review
• Performance Management Process
• Employee Satisfaction Survey

Since we spend so much of our daily life on our working career, it is vital to have a stimulating and encouraging working environment, with clear responsibilities. We at NORMA Group believe we offer such an environment and we look forward to meeting people who are interested in having an exciting career with us.

Talent Management

Talent Management

Talent Management is the core procedure for NORMA Group’s Human Resources Management.

Work/life balance at NORMA Germany GmbH

An alliance of public authorities within Germany’s Main-Kinzig-Kreis district, dedicated to supporting family life, invited local companies to take part in a competition focused on work/life balance schemes. NORMA Germany GmbH and its predecessor Rasmussen GmbH had long met many of the requirements set forth by the committee, so we proposed our company for registration as a “family-friendly” enterprise. Our application was based on aspects such as part-time work, flexible working hours, our summer fête and Christmas dinner for the departments. The result: NORMA Germany GmbH was readily accepted by the district as a “family-friendly” company. This recognition represents a challenge for us to continually do more to improve work/life balance at NORMA Group.