Norma Group

R&D - Laboratory

NORMA Group is the world’s most innovative supplier of connecting technology in the world, with over 60 years development and engineering experience.

The Group prides itself on the speed with which it identifies and responds to market requirements with new products and innovations, anticipating customer demands and delivering a continuous stream of norm-setting products.


Its highly qualified team of 80 development and process engineers allows NORMA Group to always find the optimal solution to a requirement – be it a component or a complex, multi-material system.


NORMA Group boasts one of the world’s best-equipped laboratories, with outstandingly modern and innovative facilities. The laboratory conducts life cycle tests for all relevant applications, including water, fuel, exhaust, turbocharger and other air and gas applications. Its state-of-the-art test facilities support the development of new products and allow NORMA Group to test customer specifications.