NORMA Group's sustainability performance in the areas of environment, social affairs and governance is continuously evaluated by external rating agencies. We incorporate the feedback from the agencies to further improve our sustainability management.


Sustainability ratings

The evaluation of sustainability ratings is based on the most important sustainability indicators in the areas of environment, social affairs and corporate governance. In this context, NORMA Group is generally required to substantiate its commitment in the area of sustainability with documents and certificates. The results of the ratings are primarily used by two stakeholder groups: customers and financial market players.

Current results of sustainability ratings

CDP (2022)

Score: C

CDP (2021)

Score: B-

Ecovadis (2022)

Score: 75 of 100
Platinum Standard

Ecovadis (2021)

Score: 76 of 100
Platinum Standard

ISS-ESG (2022)

Score: C+
Prime Status

ISS-ESG (2021)

Score: C+
Prime Status

MSCI ESG (2022)

Score: AA

MSCI ESG (2021)

Score: A

Sustainalytics (2022)

Risk Score: 17.3 of 100
Low Risk

Sustainalytics (2021)

Risk Score: 14.6 of 100
Low Risk


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