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Connecting business, society and the environment

A strong commitment, together with a well-integrated corporate social responsibility strategy, sets the framework for how NORMA Group conducts business around the world. Every day, in every single thing we do, we work to go above and beyond expectations, to ensure the highest standards of environmental and business governance. This applies to all our supply chains, across all operations worldwide. As well as to all our relations, internal and external, in our daily course of business.

We insist on absolute integrity, transparency, compliance standards and respect for human rights. As a global company operating in 100 countries, the total and unquestioning inclusion of one and all – regardless of race, religion, color, creed, gender or orientation – is fundamental to the way we conduct our business. It’s a mindset: where we harness the power of diversity to expand our ideas, enrich our experiences, grow our talent pool and strengthen our innovative prowess.

As NORMA Group brings to market engineered joining technology solutions, we never lose sight of the greater good: a cleaner environment, safer communities and better quality of life for people. Hence, we work, one connection at a time, to fulfill the obligations that we first and foremost, set on ourselves to deliver.  

Corporate Responsibility Strategy

NORMA Group wishes to contribute to a sustainable society for people and the environment by the way we do business. Our corporate responsibility strategy helps us behave responsibly and at the same time secure our position as a global market and technology leader in engineered joining technology.

Our commitment

As a multinational enterprise, we are not only part of the economic system. We are also an active partner of society, which confronts us with its expectations. Implementing our CR management, we do not only integrate these expectations in our internal processes – we also want to publicly commit ourselves to the values of a sustainable economy and society. In this, one particular focus lies on the strict adherence to international human rights and the realization of equality of opportunities. We commit to these values in a number of statements and initiatives:

Corporate Responsibility Policy

The CR Policy defines NORMA Group’s core understanding of Corporate Responsibility. It also refers to the most important topics NORMA Group wants to actively manage.

Corporate Responsibility Policy en Download

United Nations Global Compact

The UN Global Compact is an international initiative that focusses on companies and sustainability. By signing its 10 principles NORMA Group commits to protect human rights, to uphold labor principles, to start initiatives to protect the environment and to work against all forms of corruption.

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Human Rights Commitment Statement (incl. UK Modern Slavery Act Statement)

NORMA Group commits itself to respect human rights in all its business activities. The Commitment Statement also includes the UK Modern Slavery Act (2015) Statement and is reviewed every year.

NORMA Group Human Rights Commitment (UK Modern Slavery Act Statement 2019) Download

California Transparency in Supply Chains Statement

NORMA Group (U.S.) is committed to international norms and conventions on human rights and fair labor standards, including a commitment to the elimination of forced and compulsory labor, the rejection of child labor, and freedom of association.

NORMA Group California Transparency Act Download

Diversity Charter

Since 2013, NORMA Group is signatory of the Diversity Charter and commits to support diversity in the company. This includes appreciation of all personalities and ideas and creating equal opportunities for everyone.

Diversity Charter Download

Corporate Responsibility Contacts

Andreas Trösch
Andreas Trösch

Vice President Investor Relations, Communications and Corporate Responsibility

Phone: +49 6181 6102 741

Fax: +49 6181 6102 7641

Elias Schwenk
Elias Schwenk

Manager Corporate Responsibility

Phone: +49 6181 6102 7602


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