Corporate Responsibility needs to be developed and realized by every employee of NORMA Group. In doing so, the foundation lies in compliance with laws and regulations. NORMA Group commits itself to international human rights and the principles of the International Labour Organization.

When developing and manufacturing our products, quality and safety are of the highest priority. We pass our sustainability standards on to our suppliers and encourage them to use appropriate management systems.


Compliance & Corporate Governance

“Secure connections” – this claim applies not only to our product solutions, but also to the day-to-day business and business relationships of NORMA Group. For this reason, we pursue Group-wide compliance management with representatives at all levels of the company. Compliance management is based on specific frameworks, such as the Code of Conduct, on which employees receive regular training. If our employees or external parties observe violations, there are various reporting channels available for them to use.

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Human Rights

NORMA Group categorically rejects the violation and restriction of human rights in all forms. We are committed to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as to the core labor standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

This commitment is reflected to our employees in our Code of Conduct and to our business partners in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

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Product Quality and Safety

As joining elements, our products are often functionally critical to our customers’ applications. Our products must function perfectly to ensure the safety and environmental compatibility of our customers’ systems. Quality therefore has the highest priority for us. We certify production sites according to international quality standards and integrate key quality figures into the strategic management of the company.

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Sustainability in purchasing

For us, sustainability does not just begin in our own production. The materials we produce and the services we purchase already have a significant impact on the environment and society. For this reason, we integrate sustainability criteria into our purchasing processes, in the evaluation of suppliers or the development of commodity strategies, for example.

Some of our departments already use a high share of recycled materials, especially in the metal and water sectors.

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Material Compliance

Material Compliance describes the adherence to global, regional, and local regulations concerning a products material composition and the use of substances and materials within products.

NORMA Group takes the topic of material compliance very seriously. The Material Compliance team handles all inquiries related to Conflict Minerals, REACH, ROHS, Prop65, Mica/Cobalt, TSCA, SCIP, and other material compliance regulations.

Please contact for all requests related to above mentioned regulations.

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