Corporate Responsibility Strategy


Our aim is to help create an ecologically and socially sustainable society by the way we do business and within our business environment. The key areas of Corporate Responsibility are the core of our strategy. We actively steer these topics by setting measurable targets and ensure continuous improvements.


Group-wide management of corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility (CR) is a core component of NORMA Group’s strategic orientation. The CR Policy describes NORMA Group’s understanding of it and key CR topics. It is based on the principles of the UN Global Compacts and the Sustainable Development Goals. Further information on the organization and management of corporate responsibility can be found in NORMA Group’s CR Report.

Our CR PolicyOur CR Report


CR Roadmap and Sustainable Development Goals

NORMA Group has set out its sustainability objectives in the CR Roadmap. On the one hand, it reflects NORMA Group’s high ambitions with regard to corporate responsibility and, at the same time, sets objectively measurable targets. The CR Roadmap is consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in many areas. NORMA Group thus contributes to the global Agenda 2030.

CR Roadmap and the Sustainable Development Goals


Stakeholders and materiality

We see ourselves as a transparent and open company and seek a targeted and proactive exchange with our internal and external stakeholders. On the basis of this exchange, we define the topics that are essential for our CR management and set targets. This “materiality analysis” follows a standardized process that complies with the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The annual Stakeholder Roundtable (photo) on current sustainability topics is one important component of this exchange.

Details of the materiality analysis in the CR Report


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