Norma Group

Are the job opportunities listed online up-to-date?
All job opportunities listed online are updated regularly and are always up-to-date.

Online application or by post using an application folder?
Submitting applications online is standard today, because it is practical, fast and clearly structured. But whether you apply by e-mail or send us your application folder by post, the most important thing is that your application is informative. Please also read our statement on data privacy.

Can I send in an unsolicited application, on my own initiative?
Regardless of our current list of job opportunities, we welcome independent applications. Just provide us with all relevant information and state your desired area of employment. When a suitable opportunity arises we will consider your application.

Who can I contact if I have questions?
If you have any questions regarding your application and a career at NORMA, contact our recruitment team on +49 (0)6181 403 606 or e-mail us at: