Travel description to the Annual General Meeting

Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Adickesallee 1, 60322 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

By car
From Wiesbaden (A66):
Take the A66 to the end of the Miquelallee and follow the signs to Fulda / Hanau. At the third intersection turn right into Eckenheimer Landstraße towards Stadtmitte and follow the signs to the right into the underground car park (paid).

From the north / south (A661):
Take the A661 to the exit Eckenheim, then direction Innenstadt / Eckenheim arrange and go straight to the 3rd big traffic light junction and cross it. At the building The German National Library is located after about 100 meters on the right the entrance to the underground car park (paid).

With public transport
From the main station (Hauptbahnhof):
Take the U5 in the direction of Preungesheim to the stop "Deutsche Nationalbibliothek". Travel time is about 10 minutes.

From the airport:
Use the Regionalbahnhof line S8 or S9 in the direction of Hanau or Offenbach Ost to the stop "Konstablerwache". Change to the U5 in the direction of Preungesheim until the stop "Deutsche Nationalbibliothek". Travel time is about 30 minutes.

The bus stop "Deutsche Nationalbibliothek" is served by the line 32.

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FAQ related to AGM

How many NORMA Group shares are issued?

There are 31,862,400 shares of NORMA Group SE issued.

Where to get the Annual Reports / Interim Reports and Interim Statements?

Please find our latest Annual Report and as well as our Interim Reports and Statements in our Financial Reports section.

When will the next AGM (annual general meeting) take place and where?

The next AGM of NORMA Group SE will take place on 14 May 2020 in the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Adickesallee 1, Frankfurt am Main.

What is NORMA Groups’ dividend policy?

NORMA Group pursues a sustainable dividend policy, which is based on a dividend ratio of approx. 30% to a maximum of 35% of the adjusted Group annual earnings. The dividend will be paid annually (subject to the approval of the AGM) for the preceding completed financial year.

Does every shareholder have the permission to attend the AGM?

At the AGM shareholders can exercise their right to information and voting right. Every shareholder who has registered in time is allowed to attend the AGM, of course. Alternatively, shareholders are also allowed to send proxies.

How does the registration process for the AGM work?

It is the responsibility of the respective custodian banks to provide our shareholders with the invitation to the AGM, including the agenda of the annual general meeting. Thus, shareholders have also the opportunity to request a ticket for a proxy or to instruct their bank to exercise their voting rights.

What happens if the shareholder registers in time for the AGM but the ticket does not arrive in time?

All shareholders listed in the share register will be invited to the AGM. In principle, shareholders, which register in due time, are entitled to attend the annual general meeting. In rare cases, it may happen that shareholders will not be sent their ticket even if they register in good time. This requires an examination at the registration office designated in the invitation as to whether they are listed in the reorder level. If shareholders are listed in the register, they are entitled to exercise their voting rights. In this case you can visit the AGM and will receive a printed ticket on the spot.

Is it allowed to take accompanying persons?

In principle, each shareholder is allowed to attend the AGM with an accompanying person, but it is necessary to request an additional ticket for the accompanying person via the Custodian when ordering the ticket.

Is it possible for a shareholder to be represented at the annual general meeting and to issue a power of attorney and instructions prior to the AGM? If so, how exactly does the procedure work?

Shareholders who are unable or unwilling to personally attend the AGM are authorized to issue a power of attorney and instructions. In this way, the shareholder may also instruct a proxy, for example a proxy appointed by the Company, to exercise the voting right in accordance with his instructions.

The procedure is as follows: The power of attorney and instructions to the proxies nominated by the Company may be given in text form – until the end of the general debate on the day of the AGM.

If, however, a credit institution or a shareholders' association is authorized to exercise its voting rights in accordance with the instructions of the shareholder, both the power of attorney and the instructions shall be sent directly to these offices. In this case, however, it is also important that the shareholder ensures in advance whether the bank or the shareholders' association accepts its voting rights for representation.

Are shareholders who participate in the current AGM still allowed to transfer their voting rights during the AGM?

Yes, that is possible. If, for example, a shareholder has to leave the AGM early, but at the same time wants his voting rights to continue to be represented, he or she may authorize either another shareholder present or the proxies nominated by the company to exercise their voting rights.

When will the dividend be paid after the annual general meeting?

The entitlement to payment of the dividend becomes due on the third banking day following the AGM.

By when do shareholders have to own a NORMA share at the latest in order to be entitled to dividends?

All shareholders who hold NORMA Group shares in their custody account at the latest on the day of the AGM are entitled to dividends. In addition, there is no prescribed minimum holding period in this connection.

What is a voting right?

The voting right is the right to participate in the vote on the agenda items at the AGM, associated with the acquisition of a share. In principle, every shareholder is entitled to exercise the voting right. In accordance with the Articles of Association, every single share grants one vote at the AGM. Shareholders are also permitted to delegate voting rights to third parties, such as the custodian bank, shareholder associations or voting proxies appointed by the company.

Until when is it possible to trade stocks prior to the AGM?

It is possible to buy and sell shares regardless of the AGM at any time.

If shareholders purchase additional or sell shares after the registration for the AGM, the stockholding in the share register will be corrected to take purchases and sales into account. Please consider, however, that for processing reasons starting from the 7th day before the AGM (each inclusive) a so-called registration stop applies. This means that there will be no entries and deletion recorded in the share register.

The already issued Admission Ticket refers to the stockholding entered in the share register on the day the Admission Ticket was issued. However, the number of shares in the share register will be relevant for the voting process at the AGM.

What is the share register?

The share register is maintained by public limited companies that have issued registered shares. All shareholders of the company are listed in the share register. Registered shares are to be entered in accordance with Section 67 I AktG, stating the name, date of birth and address of the holder. Thus, the share register serves to record and compile the changes of ownership of the registered shares. Any shareholder may request information from the company about the registrations concerning him.


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