Business Model

NORMA Group is an international market and technology leader in joining and fluid-handling technology. With its 28 production sites and numerous sales offices, the Group has a global network with which it supplies more than 10,000 customers in more than 100 countries. NORMA Group’s product portfolio includes more than 40,000 high-quality joining products and solutions for numerous cross-industry applications. The focus is on innovative solutions for promising end markets with a focus on the areas of Water Management, Industry Applications, Mobility and New Energy. With its products and solutions, NORMA Group supports its customers and business partners in responding to global challenges such as climate change and the increasing scarcity of resources. High customer satisfaction forms the foundation of NORMA Group’s continued success. The main factors here are the customized system solutions, the global availability of products in consistently high quality, delivery reliability and a strong brand image.

NORMA Group supplies its customers via two different sales channels:

  • Engineered Joining Technology – EJT: directly to OEMs
  • Standardized Joining Technology – SJT: via retailers and sales representatives
The two distribution channels differ in terms of the degree of specification of the products, while having intersections in production and development. This enables cost benefits and at the same time ensures the highest quality standards.

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Standardized JoiningTechnology - SJT42%
Engineered Joining Technology - EJT58%

Engineered Joining Technology (EJT)

The area of EJT includes sophisticated, individually customized joining technology and is particularly characterized by close development partnerships with OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). NORMA Group’s central development departments and resident engineers work together with the customer on developing solutions for specific industrial challenges. Due to the constant proximity to customers in the area of EJT, NORMA Group’s engineers gain comprehensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the various challenges their end markets and customers face. As a result, they generate substantial added value for the customers and contribute to their economic success. Such development partnerships result in high-technology products that are designed not only to meet the needs of customers with respect to efficiency and performance, but that also take aspects such as weight reduction and quick installation into consideration. The EJT business area includes the strategic business units Mobility and New Energy. The Mobility business unit can in turn be divided into the two end markets Light Vehicles (passenger cars) and Heavy Vehicles (commercial vehicles and construction machinery). The New Energies business unit brings together numerous applications for the sustainable energy industry, for example solutions in the field of electromobility and renewable energies. These SBUs were newly introduced at the end of fiscal year 2020 and are designed to ensure an optimized focus on the respective end markets and customers with their specific requirements in future.

Standardized Joining Technology (SJT)

Via its Standardized Joining Technology (SJT) [until 2019: Distribution Services (DS)], which consists of the two strategic business areas Water Management and Industry Applications, NORMA Group markets a broad range of high-quality, standardized brand products. This also includes various products for stormwater management, irrigation and water infrastructure solutions. In addition to its own global distribution network, the Company also relies on multipliers such as sales representatives, retailers and importers. Its customers include, among others, distributors, specialized wholesalers, OEM customers in the aftermarket segment, do-it-yourself stores and applications in smaller industries. The brands ABA®, Breeze®, Clamp-All®, FISH®, Gemi®, Kimplas® NDS®, NORMA®, Raindrip®, R.G.RAY®, Serflex®, TORCA® and TRUSTLENE® shall represent technological expertise, high quality and reliability and meet the technical standards of the countries in which they are sold. By combining expertise in the development of customized solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the field of EJT and the provision of high-quality standardized branded products via a global distribution network (SJT), NORMA Group is able to realize not only cross-selling effects but also numerous synergies in purchasing, production, logistics and distribution. The company also benefits from significant economies of scale and scope thanks to the diversity and high volumes of its product offerings, a clear distinction from its smaller, generally more specialized competitors..


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