Future development of NORMA Group SE

The forecast for the key financial figures and the most important non-financial figures is summarized in the following table.
This forecast for fiscal year 2020 was made before the spread of COVID-19. The Management Board assumes that the consequences and after-effects of the further spread of the virus, which are currently still difficult to assess, will result in negative deviations from the forecast originally made here regarding the future development of NORMA Group SE in fiscal year 2020.

Forecast for the fiscal year 2020
Group sales growthNoticeable decline in organic sales of – 2% to – 4%
Group sales growth EMEA stable organic sales
Group sales growth Americasnoticeable organic decline
Group sales growth APAC slight organic decline
Group sales growth DS solid organic growth
Group sales growth EJT noticeable organic decline
Adjusted cost of materials ratioRoughly at the same level as in previous year
Adjusted personnel cost ratioRoughly at the same level as in previous year
Investments in R&D (in relation to EJT sales)Around 5% of EJT sales
Adjusted EBITA margin
Adjusted EBIT margin
More than 13%
More than 12%
NOVABetween EUR 10 million and EUR 20 million
Financial resultUp to EUR – 15 million
Tax rateBetween 26% to 28%
Adjusted earnings per shareSlight decline
Investment rate (without acquisitions)Operative investments of around 5% of Group sales
Net operating cash flowAround EUR 110 million
Dividend/dividend ratioApprox. 30% to 35% of adjusted net profit for the period
Number of invention applicationsMore than 20
Number of defective parts (parts per million/PPM)Below 20
Number of quality-related complaints per monthBelow 8


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