Development of NORMA Group‘s financial figures

Financial figures202020192018
Order situation
Order book1EUR million391.3358.3379.2
Income Statement
RevenueEUR million952.21,100.11,084.1
(Adjusted) material cost ratio2%43.843.443.6
(Adjusted) personnel cost ratio2%31.327.525.9
Adjusted EBITA2EUR million54.6144.8173.2
Adjusted EBITA margin2%5.713.216.0
EBITAEUR million51.1127.9164.8
EBITA margin%5.411.615.2
Adjusted EBIT2EUR million45.3136.1164.5
Adjusted EBIT margin2%4.812.415.2
EBITEUR million20.196.7133.5
EBIT margin%2.18.812.3
Financial resultEUR million-14.8-15.5-11.7
(Adjusted) tax rate%20.327.124.9
Adjusted profit for the period2EUR million24.387.8114.8
Adjusted Earnings per share2EUR0.772.763.61
Profit for the periodEUR million5.558.491.8
Earnings per shareEUR0.181.832.88
NORMA Value Added (NOVA)EUR million-46.417.360.8
Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)3%4.613.017.2
Balance sheet1
Total assetsEUR million1,414.71,514.31,471.7
EquityEUR million589.5629.5602.4
Equity ratio%41.741.640.6
Net debtEUR million338,4420,8400.3
Cash flow
Cash flow from operating activitiesEUR million133.5137.1130.8
Cash flow from investing activitiesEUR million-39.1-57.0-129.5
Cash flow from financing activitiesEUR million-81.0-93.231.3
Net operating cash flowEUR million78.3122.9124.4

1 Figures as at balance sheet date Dec 31.
2 2020: adjusted by effects from purchase price allocation; 2019: adjusted by effects from purchase price allocation and one-offs.
3 Adjusted EBIT in relation to the average capital employed.

Non-financial figures202020192018
General information4
Core workforce6,6356,5236,901
Temporary workers2,1551,9981,964
Total workforce8,7908,5218,865
Number of invention applications222233
Governance / Integrity
Number of employees who were trained on compliance topics online2,0911,2332,350
Defective partsPPM (parts per million)
Customer complaints average per month per entity4.76.47.0
CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and 2) t CO2e49,81354,494
Energy consumptionkWh / EUR thousand of revenue124.2118.151.018
Water consumptionliter / EUR thousand of revenue154.8156.8141.1
Hazardous wastekg / EUR thousand of revenue0.60.5n/a
Non-hazardous wastekg / EUR thousand of revenue11.08.3n/a
Share of manufacturing locations certified according to ISO 14001 %93.089.793.0
Accident rateaccidents / 1,000 employees4.24.37.8
Share of manufacturing locations certified according to OHSAS 18001 or ISO 45001%71.469.074.0
Average training hourshours per employee20.928.123.9
Female employees in relation to core workforce%36.035.934.8

4 Figures as at balance sheet date Dec 31.

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