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FGR products for Infrastructure

FGR pipe couplings are a compact, economical and reliable means of connecting plain-ended pipes. They are suitable to join plastic and metal pipes and especially stainless-steel pipes. They can be used in mechanical engineering and construction, shipbuilding, civil engineering and hydro technology.

Supply pipes and exhaust pipes for solid, liquid or gaseous media can be easily, safely and rapidly joined, even in narrow spaces. Available in a wide range of types and sizes, FGR couplings are suitable for use in both standard and specialized applications.

For axial non-restraint connections

FLEX/FLEX E pipe couplings are used for connecting restrained pipes. They can be used to connect metal, stainless steel, concrete and plastic pipes and ensure sealing reliability in cases requiring compensation for a gap between pipe ends. FLEX/FLEX E couplings can compensate for axial movements and/or changes in the length of straight pipe connections, according to the size of coupling (from 5 mm to 15 mm).


For axial restraint connections

Axial restraint pipe couplings type Grip/Grip E, Plast Grip and Combi Grip are used to join strong axial restraint connections. Metal, plastic and plastic-to-metal pipe connections can be easily carried out without tools. The anchoring systems, with conically stamped teeth or flat rows of teeth engage with the pipe surface without damaging the pipe material.

Their special design enables the couplings to withstand even high vibration loads.

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FGR Plast Grip / Combi Grip