Norma Group

Off-Road - tough answers for extreme requirements

NORMA Group can always find the optimal solution to a customer’s requirement, be it an individual component or a complex, multi-material system.

In construction equipment, road repair, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, engines and other off-road applications, connector parts can be exposed to tough operating conditions, requiring optimal resistance, safety and reliability. NORMA Group’s leak-free products are renowned for increasing durability and performance, resulting in less downtime and more satisfied customers and end-users.

NORMA Group consistently delivers products and services of internationally recognized and certified quality to its worldwide industrial base, thanks to its optimized production processes, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and system-accompanying services. The Group’s streamlined, efficient organizational structure enhances every stage of production, from development to delivery. This efficiency, coupled with NORMA Group’s extensive product knowledge and market experience, ensures that customers' specific requirements are processed in the shortest possible time.

Together with its broad, global distribution network, NORMA Group customers worldwide can be assured of in-depth understanding of their needs, ready availability of products and rapid delivery, from a performance-driven group devoted to serving their industry.