Girls’ and Boys’-Day: NORMA Group offers young people insight into technical professions

Maintal, Germany, April 27, 2023 – NORMA Group welcomed a group of school children at its plant in Maintal today. As part of the Germany-wide Girls’ and Boys’-Day, seven girls and three boys had a chance to learn all about the many apprenticeships and dual courses of study offered by NORMA Group at its Maintal site.

“We would like to make young people aware of the wide range of training opportunities that are available in an industrial company. Girls’ and Boys’-Day helps give girls and boys an understanding of interesting professions that they may previously only have had vague ideas about. It can also provide some incentive that will eventually lead them to take up a technical profession in an industrial company like ours”, says Dirk Fochler, Managing Director. “Young talents, regardless of gender, are in exactly the right place at NORMA Group and an important element of our future success.”

After a group breakfast, during which the young people were introduced to NORMA Group, they were given some insight into the company's various production processes during a guided tour of the plant. They then worked on a component in the company’s apprentice workshop, where NORMA Group has been training young people since 1980. NORMA Group welcomed fourteen new apprentices at company headquarters in Maintal in 2022.

In addition to apprenticeships as a mechatronics technician, machine and plant operator, industrial mechanic, process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology, tool mechanic, specialist for warehouse logistics and industrial clerk, NORMA Group also offers dual study programs. In cooperation with the FOM Frankfurt and the University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen, young adults can earn Bachelor of Arts degrees in Business Administration and Bachelor of Engineering degrees in Mechanical Engineering or Industrial Engineering.

Girls' and Boys'-Day is a Germany-wide day of action for career orientation which is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs and the Federal Ministry of Education. Girls can use this day to familiarize themselves with professions in which women have so far been underrepresented, including engineering, crafts, IT and natural sciences. Conversely, boys have an opportunity to gain insights into professions in which men are underrepresented, such as in the fields of nursing and education.

You can find more information about training opportunities at NORMA Group here.

On Girls’ and Boys’-Day, young people get an insight into NORMA Group during a guided tour of the plant.
On Girls’ and Boys’-Day, young people get an insight into NORMA Group during a guided tour of the plant.



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